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Tucker's Tweets

An inside look on the impact of Sean Tucker's postgame tweets.

The morning after a college football game is usually a Sunday in which most college students may be hungover, older crowds may be going to brunch(or church), and the occasional wait for NFL matchups.

In Syracuse, the wait is different.

The talk of the town in Syracuse may very well be the outcome of the game and if Sal from Marshall St. disagrees with Dino Babers call.

However, regardless of the outcome, the community of Syracuse turns their eyes towards and opens their Twitter accounts for one tweet in particular.

The well anticipated postgame tweet of Syracuse running back Sean Tucker puts the Orange community in a frenzy. The aftermath of what’s left after Tucker tweets is the equivalent of a mic drop followed by the crowd going crazy. Hundreds of retweets, memes of Tucker as Jesus Christ, and an actual GOAT sum up how this community feels about him. The fans of the Orange are not the only ones who await the tweet but Tucker’s teammates as well.

Syracuse defensive lineman, Josh Black, is a stan of Sean Tucker and his tweets.

“That’s probably my favorite thing over the weekend,” Black said. “It just brings so much joy, he doesn’t know he’s even doing it — he doesn’t know he’s being comical or funny because if you ever talk to him, he’s a serious guy, really quiet guy.”

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Black said Tucker’s tweets send him over the top and now he sees Tucker as a “walking meme.”

The “walking meme” sees what goes on under his tweets and laughs at it, he said.

“It’s pretty funny,” Tucker said. “Guys in the locker room get a good laugh at it.”

The tweets by Tucker may be new to Syracuse but Tucker has always given a brief summary of his performance. In Tucker’s high school days at Calvert Hall, he would tweet about his football games and track meets. The tweet does not have a specific ritual nor do they come from a secret lair. The only guarantee Tucker can provide is the tweet coming the next day.

A man of few words, the tweets may be the most you hear from Tucker. But surely not the most you will see.

The Heisman hopeful leads the ACC with 1,060 rushing yards and has 12 touchdowns this season. Today’s age in which athletes are brands, Tucker’s performance on and off the field(via Twitter) demonstrates his self branding. Fans look forward to his play and then they look forward to his tweets. Tucker is using his platform to engage fans in a duality never seen before. A love letter to the game and his fans remarking his performance can sum up Tucker’s tweets.

For now, “I’m pleased with my performance” is a sight to see on Sundays.