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Coach Desko Addresses Chase Scanlan Situation

Head Men's Lacrosse coach spoke to the media regarding Chase Scanlan

Syracuse University Men's Lacrosse coach John Desko spoke to the media on Wednesday around 3:30.

Coach Desko opened up the Press conference with an opening statement.

"Before I get started I wanted to address reports that have occurred in the media about Chase Scanlan. As your all well aware federal law prohibits the university from discussing specific issues relating to a student's experience or records at the University. We can tell you as limited information to a student-athletes team status. Chase was suspended from the team ten days ago for violating team rules and expectations. On Monday, April 26th I reinstated him, he will not be traveling with the team this weekend. I can't and won't offer any further comment," Said Desko.

Members of the media went on and asked Coach Desko about Scanlan where he continuously responded with:

"Please refer to my opening statement," Said Desko.

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Coach Desko did go on to say that the team is playing well and that they are in good spirits and look forward to playing Notre Dame.

When asked if Scanlan was practicing with the team, Desko said yes. A Syracuse Athletics spokesperson later clarified that Scanlan practiced independently of the rest of the team. 

Coach Desko was asked about the decision of reinstating Scanlan and he responded:

"It's my decision to reinstate him," Said Desko.

Towards the end Coach, Desko was asked if he and his staff had participated in any sensitivity training regarding domestic violence. 

"Refer to my opening statement," Said Desko.