Syracuse Men's Lacrosse Picks Up Faceoff Specialist Gavin Gibbs

Samantha Croston

The Syracuse Men's Lacrosse team has picked up attackers, midfielders, defenders, and a goalie. But now, they also have a lethal faceoff specialist in the class of 2022. Gavin Gibbs is from Eastern Pennsylvania and he plays for two travel teams: Big4HHH and Edge Canada.

Gibbs started off his travel career playing for Edge Canada because he tried out for Big4HHH, and didn't make the team. Little did he know that a few short years later, he'd be committed to one of, if not the best lacrosse school in the country.

The reason Gibbs chose Syracuse is short and simple: "It's always been my dream school," he said. 

Before Gibbs wanted to go to Syracuse, his Dad wanted to go. Unfortunately, his father never got into the school. The upside, however, is that now his father gets to watch his son live out that dream. Gibbs commented on the emotional response his Dad had when he committed to Syracuse: 

"When I told him I committed, he was in tears," Gibbs said. 

Gibbs loves the fact that the Syracuse Men's lacrosse team immediately felt like family. He had one of his friends who is currently a junior on the team, Jakob Phaup, give him a tour and Phaup told him all about the connection that the athletes have with each other. Gibbs also said he witnessed this connection himself when he saw the boys interacting with each other on the field during the game.

"You could just tell and see it on the sidelines and after the game," Gibbs said. 

Most of the strengths that Gibb mentioned were about his attitude and his mentality, which shows a lot about who he is as a player. 

"I'm always going to work hard and I'm never going to let my team down," Gibbs said. "I'm always going to give 110%, no matter what, even through Covid or anything...I'll always be a team player." 

Gibbs also said that he will be able to easily adapt to the new faceoff rules that were recently put in place. According to the NCAA, the motorcycle grip during faceoffs has been eliminated. Both players will start faceoffs with only their feet, gloves, and sticks touching the ground beginning in this year. 

Gibbs wanted to thank his parents as well as his faceoff coach, John Bodnar, who he said has been one of his biggest supporters and helped him so much throughout the recruiting process.