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Syracuse University now has not one, but two studs from Mount Sinai New York with the addition of long stick midfielder Dylan Sageder. Both Sageder and Spallina play for Mount Sinai High School and Team 91 Smash. 

As far as the University itself, Sageder found the business program very appealing.

"I want to major along those lines, business or finance so I think having a business program really reached out to me," Sageder said. 

He also was drawn into Syracuse by the Men's Lacrosse team itself.

"What I love about Syracuse's style of play is that they are a really fast paced team, they're always aggressive," Sageder said. 

Sageder also mentioned that the coaches were very detailed and specific regarding where they saw him fitting in, which he really respected.

"They showed a lot of intensity while they were talking to me and they just seemed really interested," Sageder said. 

The midfielder said that he has several strengths he can bring to the table, on both the defensive and offensive sides. 

"I'm a very versatile player...I have great one on one defense and I can usually cause a turnover," Sageder said. "after that I have the ability to run the offense." 

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Sageder also mentioned that he tries his hardest to be an outlet for his faceoff guys, and he has no problem boxing out the opposing player on the wing so he can get the ball. Bottom line: Sageder is going to be the type of player who you want to be making plays for you in between the 30s. 

Another one of Sageder's strengths: his attitude. He is the kind of player who will be very resilient and capable of handling high-pressure situations, and you can tell that by the way he talks.

"I just have to show them how hard I work and that they [Syracuse Men's Lacrosse] are not wrong," Sageder said. 

Hint from me: they weren't wrong. This was a good pick up for the men in the orange. 

Sageder also had a lot of people who he said were pivotal to his success. Among them were his team and Coach Spallina. On Coach Spallina, Sageder said: 

"He definitely formed me into the player that I am today, he's one of the best coaches I've ever played for," Sageder said.

However, the most important people to thank: his parents. 

On his dad: "My dad always pushes me no matter what." 

On his mom: " I think my mom is my most important person in my life. She does a lot for me that she thinks goes unnoticed but it means a lot to me."