Syracuse Women's Lacrosse Boston College Preview

Syracuse will face off against BC today and on Saturday
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Friends, if there is one game you should watch for Syracuse Women's Lacrosse, make it tonight's game and Saturday's game, because they're big ones. 

Boston College is currently ranked #4 by IWLCA and Syracuse stands at #3. That being said, these two upcoming games will determine whether Syracuse is the 2 seed or the 3 seed heading into the ACC Tournament.

Believe it or not, both Syracuse and BC have lost their only games to of the season to UNC. I say believe it or not because while Syracuse has been at the forefront of everyone's minds all season, I feel that BC was flying under the radar. After all, US Lacrosse Magazine ranked BC #17 in their preseason preview, and as is the case sometimes in season previews, they were wrong about that. BC has gotten better and better every week, as has Syracuse, which makes this such an exciting matchup. Lucky us, we get to see them play twice.

Here's what you have to know about Boston College. Charlotte North.

That's it.

Kidding, but also somewhat serious. Charlotte North is hands down the best player on Boston College. 57 goals, 8 assists, 65 points. 6-goal games, 7-goal games, 8-goal games, and even 10-goal games are what we have seen from Charlotte North so far this season. Boston College, then, becomes a frustrating team to play because if you are an opposing coach, you have to plan your entire game plan around one person, which takes away attention from everyone else. But that's what you have to do. Because if you make a game plan and don't center it around Charlotte North, you're going to lose. That's how strongly I feel about her performance. 

How will Syracuse guard her? There are a few ways they could do it. They could face guard her, but she might still be able to sweep her defender. The likely option is Syracuse will guard her doing what they do best- their zone. Let everyone help out in the undertaking that is guarding Charlotte North.

That being said, North isn't the only worry. You also have two 5th years in Cara Urbank and Jillian Reilly. Urbank is another attacker with 25 goals and 21 assists, so she is a player who is very balanced and a duel threat. Reilly anchors the defense. 14GB, 6 caused turnovers, she is someone who they trust as a a leader.

Last, but certainly not least, is goalkeeper Rachel Hall. But before we get into Hall as a player, two interesting notes here. First, Charlotte North and Rachel Hall are both Texas natives. Second, they are both transfers, and both transferred in at the same time (2020). North transferred in from Duke, and Hall transferred from Oregon, so this is both of their first full seasons with BC. 

Hall is a phenomenal goalkeeper, and Coach Acacia Walker-Weinstein said that when they are in a high-pressure, close game, that's when all of her fears disappear because that's when Hall plays her best. So this is someone whose best strength is her mentality under pressure. 

As a team, Boston College shines in a few places. Their offense is high-powered and lethal. They have been on a draw control run, and they are selfless as a team. They move the ball well and they don't care who scores, as long as the ball ends up in the back of the net. They are also on an 8-game winning streak, so it is crucial for the Orange to knock down their confidence in the first game, or the second game could be trouble. 

The first game is tonight at 6p.m. on ESPNU. The second game is Saturday at 12p.m. on the ACCN Extra.