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Syracuse Women's Lacrosse Picks Up Gracie Britton

The attacker plays for Christian Brothers Academy in Syracuse, where her dad is the coach

The Syracuse Women's Lacrosse team has increased by one with the addition of attacker Gracie Britton. Britton grew up in Syracuse and went to school at the Christian Brothers Academy. The women's lacrosse team at CBA has consistently been made up of some of the best high school female lacrosse players in the country. 

Britton has spent her high school years honing her skills and developing as a player under the leadership of the CBA coach, who just so happens to be her father, Pat Britton. Pat Britton has been the head coach for one year, and previously was the assistant for nine years. 

Britton said that above anything else, there was one specific element that drew her closer to Syracuse University: her family. 

"It's going to be really cool to have my family at all of the home games," Britton said. "I'm always used to looking up in the stands and seeing them all there, it's just awesome," Britton said. 

Britton also liked the fact that Syracuse offered a wide range of majors. 

"SU has a ton of majors to choose from that I could potentially be interested in," Britton said. 

For Britton, there is a lot of history surrounding her experiences with Syracuse University. She has been attending the camps for several years, which gave her a chance to get to know the coaches and players. 

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"Just watching them [the team] play, and going to camps and being coached by the coaches, I just loved their team culture." 

Britton also appreciates the fact that the Syracuse Women's Lacrosse team has their eyes set on the biggest prize in Division 1 lacrosse: winning the national championship. Coming from CBA where Britton won a state championship in 2018, she will be coming from a team that always valued a winning culture, and she always knew she would want to continue to play for a team that embodied that mindset.

"We've won sectional and state championship [at CBA] so I always like a team culture of winning," Britton said. "I felt like at Syracuse, I would have a really good shot of helping everyone's common goal because they're really serious about winning their first championship," Britton said. 

Britton also thinks she has a lot to offer the Syracuse Women's Lacrosse team. 

"I'm a creative player, I like to have a lot of fun," Britton said. "I think I'm disciplined, but I'm also fearless and I want to take chances." 

Britton also said that as a former captain, she is used to being a leader, and she plans to utilize those skills at the collegiate level. 

"I'm a captain on my high school team so I think I have a great sense of leadership, so I can help my teammates on the field," Britton said.