Syracuse Women's Lacrosse Reels in Fourth Recruit: Superia Clark

Samantha Croston

Superia Clark is a righty midfielder hailing from Delaware. According to her profile on ConnectLax, she has been playing lacrosse for five years, as well as field hockey for four. She is only a sophomore, but she is on varsity for both sports. 

Clark said that Syracuse University drew her in more than other colleges because of the academic programs that were available. 

"I researched their program for biochemistry because I'm into Science," Clark said. 

Regarding the Syracuse Women's Lacrosse team, Clark was drawn to two main things: the team's reputation and their balance between academics and athletics. 

On their reputation, Clark said: "Well, big names aren't supposed to matter, but Syracuse, I mean who wouldn't want to go there?"

Superia 2
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On the balance between athletics and academics, Clark said: "Academics of course come first but I also like a good balance and a great challenge also. So I feel like Syracuse would really challenge me lacrosse-wise and academically." 

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As far as her strengths, Clark said that her speed is her biggest asset. On her ConnectLax profile, she mentions that she led high school team in draw controls. Clark also states that she is good at getting ground balls, and taking her girl one-on-one to the cage. She also talks about her ability to transition the ball quickly and effectively from the defensive end to the offensive end. 

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Clark also had several people she wanted to thank who helped her along the way. The first of these, was her best friend's dad, Dante Jones. 

"He made my film, he helped me train, worked on my stick skills, reached out to college coaches for me, just really laid down the foundation for me," Jones said. 

Another person she wanted to shout out is Feffie Barnhill, head coach of the Ursuline Academy's Lacrosse team in Delaware. 

"She helped me immensely, she reached out to all of these schools for me," Clark said. "She helped me with what to say, decisions, pros and cons of each school. She helped me to see the bigger picture. She wasn't biased or anything, she just told me the truth and helped me out." 

Feffie Barnhill was a former coach at William & Mary. She finished her career with a 157-87-1 record. Barnhill was also inducted into the US Lacrosse Hall of Fame in 2006. In 2019, she was honored with the 2019 Spirit of Tewaaraton Award at the 19th annual Tewaaraton Award Ceremony held in Washington D.C. According to an article written by, The award is presented to: 

"an individual involved in the sport of lacrosse, who nobly reflects the finest virtues exemplified in the game, and who, over the course of his or her life, has made a significant contribution to society and to the lives of others."

Lastly, Clark wanted to thank someone especially close to her: her mother. Clark speaks about the ways that mother Tiffany Smith influenced her throughout the years. 

"She was my biggest coach throughout my whole life," Clark said. "She always tells me the truth whether I like it or not. She is a huge role model for me."