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Syracuse Women's Lacrosse Snags a Goalie in the Class of 2022: Daniella Guyette

The goalie is a California native who plays for ACES Lacrosse 2022

Daniella Guyette is a California native from Newbury Park High School. The Syracuse Women's Lacrosse team was lucky enough to pick up the goalie for their class of 2022. 

Guyette said that Syracuse University had an advantage over other universities because of a specific program they had available:

"It was mainly their forensics program," Guyette said. "I've always been interested in forensic science and seeing that they are a much larger school...I can tap into different majors, minors, and just experiment." 

Guyette was explaining all of the positive elements she appreciated about going to a a university that is a large size. 

"Being able to have such a big community, like a big family, whether it's just like the large nature of the team, but then also being able to form long lasting friendships," Guyette said. 

Guyette has an existing friendship with Mackenzie Olsen who is another Syracuse commit from California in the Class of 2021. She said she looks forward to playing alongside her. 

Many of the strengths that Daniella mentioned about her style of play involved her mentality. What many people fail to recognize is that as a goalie, the mental is equally, if not more important, than the physical. Techniques can be taught, clearing can be taught, punching your hands to the ball can be taught. But having the right mentality to be in cage is a skill that takes longer to craft, and must be constantly practiced in high pressure situations in order to maintain it. 

©Sam Hanaki

©Sam Hanaki

That is why, to hear Daniella Guyette say as a high schooler that her biggest strength is her mentality makes her a huge incoming asset to Syracuse. Guyette explains her frame of mind once she steps in cage: 

"I have a pretty calm nature, I don't get rustled a lot and I think that's really helped me in cage, staying calm under pressure," Guyette said. "I also have a short term's helpful for quickly forgetting a goal that just went in, or just being able to mentally reset. I just love to get like hyped up and ready to play for the next round."

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©Sam Hanaki 

©Sam Hanaki 

Guyette says that outside of the mental aspect of the game, she plans on focusing on her technique in cage as well. 

"If I really prioritize technique I feel like it will benefit [me] as the foundation for everything," Guyette said. 

Interestingly enough, Guyette said that even though she plays in the women's game, she has always tried to emulate the men's goalie style of play. 

"I try to style my play kind of like a men's lacrosse goalie because I love how explosive they are and how they throw everything they have at each shot," Guyette said. 

Guyette thanked Michelle Yarger, one of her coaches on ACES Lacrosse for providing her with so many opportunities to excel. 

"She's helped me bump up to play with the 2021s which is where I got most of my visibility," Guyette said.

Guyette also thanked her teammates for all of their support along the way. 

When Guyette isn't playing lacrosse, she has a different hobby she is passionate about: art. She likes to design her helmets, and she also has an appreciation for drawing. 

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