Carter Wyatt Bonds With Players, Coaches on Syracuse Visit

The talented linebacker took an official visit to check out the Orange.
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Class of 2022 Shallotte (N.C.) West Brunswick linebacker Carter Wyatt has had a busy month with several visits. His last was to Syracuse this past weekend. We caught up with Wyatt to see how it went. 


Q: How was the visit?

Wyatt: "It was really good. I spent a lot of time with coach (Tony) White and coach (Chris) Achuff. My host was Stefon Thompson, North Carolina guy, linebacker. I just got to spend a lot of time with the guys and see all the facilities and everything. We had some good meals and stuff. We had some fun playing games. It was a fun time." 

Q: What was it like spending time with Stefon Thompson?

Wyatt: "We had a lot of mutual friends. We knew who each other were going into it, so that's why they paired us up. We hadn't really gotten the chance to hang out until this weekend, but it was good. It was good, especially a guy from North Carolina that's played. It was him kind of telling me how he made that transition from North Carolina to Syracuse. How he felt the defense is up and coming. How great their future is and how good the team chemistry is." 

Q: What was a fun part of the trip?

Wyatt: "Definitely the most fun thing was we went to a place in the mall called Apex. It was a bowling alley that had a lot of arcade games in it. We played a recruits vs hosts game of laser tag that the recruits won. That was definitely the most fun part." 

Q: Which coaches did you spend time with?

Wyatt: "I spent a lot of time with coach Achuff and coach White. I had a good relationship with coach Achuff coming into it especially. We did a lot of Zoom calls and he was always calling and checking in. We've already talked a lot of ball, so we talked a little bit of ball but it was mostly just building that relationship. Getting to know each other while we were there. It was good." 

Q: What were your impressions of the campus and facilities?

Wyatt: "I had never been up there before so I was open to everything. The Dome, it was awesome. It was huge. I didn't really know how big it was. You always hear that but until you get there in person, it was pretty massive. The weight room was really nice. The player lounge, the meeting room, everything was top notch." 


Q: What did the visit do for your interest in Syracuse?

Wyatt: "To be honest I'm still kind of where I was. Just open. Now that I've had these visits, me and my family are still kind of trying to figure things out. We're still kind of weighing things right now." 

Q: Do you have a timeframe for a decision?

Wyatt: "Possibly before my senior year. That's been my goal. I don't have a date yet. We'll kind of see how things go. I know it's a crazy month and a crazy year. Especially the month of June was crazy. We'll see how it's looking. Whenever I feel I've found home, whenever God tells me it's the right time, that's when I'll do it." 

Q: What will be the most important factors in your decision?

Wyatt: "Education. Where I feel like I can set myself up for after playing ball. Then somewhere that's got a great culture where I feel like everybody's bought in. On the same page as the coaches. Where I feel I can come in and contribute. Somewhere that feels like it's the best fit." 

Wyatt holds offers from Appalachian State, Coastal Carolina, Duke, East Carolina, Georgia Tech and Liberty in addition to Syracuse.