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Chris Bunch Moves Up Commitment Date

The Syracuse target is down to three schools.

Syracuse basketball target Chris Bunch, a forward in the 2022 recruiting class, has moved his commitment date up to October 21st at 5pm. He previously stated he would commit on the 31st. Bunch is down to three schools: Rutgers, Syracuse and Washington. He has visited each school, including two officials to Syracuse. 

"The Syracuse visit was good," Bunch said after the first official. "I finally got to meet coach Boeheim in person. We got to talk a little bit. It was my first time being in the Dome, I got to put on a jersey. It felt like the whole Syracuse experience. I got to watch workouts and played a couple pickup games with them too. It was good."

About that pickup game.

"I knew Buddy and Jim, Boeheim's sons," Bunch said. "We were on the same team. We won three in a row. The first game, I was a little intimidated getting bumped around because I'm not used to going against these college kids. About the second, third game, I got real comfortable and just started playing. Me, Buddy and Jim won about three games in a row."

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He left his visit with a strong impression of the Orange.

"Being at Syracuse, Syracuse in the recent years hasn't been as good as they were, but coming at Syracuse, seeing coach Boeheim and hearing how much interest he has in me, even just walking around the place, it definitely gave me more interest," Bunch said. "At the end of the day, it's the Dome. I haven't really experienced any colleges yet so I can't really compare it to anything else. But it was a great experience being able to walk the same halls as Carmelo Anthony. Realizing what type of school that is and what it can do for me as a player. It definitely made my interest in Syracuse a lot higher."