Justin Taylor Get Closer Look at Syracuse on Official Visit

One of the Orange's top targets in the 2022 class goes in-depth on the impact of. his official.
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AllSyracuse.com caught up with 2022 shooting guard Justin Taylor immediately after his official visit to Syracuse concluded. He has also recently officially visited North Carolina and unofficially visited Virginia Tech. Taylor has one more visit currently scheduled, an official to Indiana. 


Q: How was the visit?

Justin Taylor: "First of all, the visit was really, really good. I think the most important part for me was just hanging out with the guys and kind of feeling a part of the team. That's huge, I think. Obviously getting to know the coaches better and seeing them in person. Seeing the facilities, seeing the Carrier Dome was all incredible. I think the most important for me was just hanging out with the guys at coach Boeheim's house and at their apartment. Feeling part of the team and getting a feel for what life would be like with the basketball team and on campus. It was a great visit." 

Q: Which players did you hang out with and what happened with you getting mistaken for Buddy?

Taylor: "Buddy was mainly my host but when we go to his apartment, all the guys were there. Obviously Benny (Williams), I talked to quite a bit just because we're friends already. It was funny, coach Boeheim met us at the airport and we were waiting for our bags. A lady thought I was Buddy, and then it happened again throughout the visit. Just random people, I was with coach Boeheim, so people would think I was his son. That happened a couple times." 

Q: What was it like hanging out with the players?

Taylor: "I watched them workout with coach G-Mac, so that was cool to see. That would be me if I went there. That was huge seeing the progressions a lot of the guys have made. Seeing it person rather than on video or hearing about it. They said that, especially Buddy, talked about coming here, because if I were to come here he'd be gone, there's definitely an open spot for me to come in and have a huge role. Be one of the main guys. I think that's huge. The development aspect is also huge with G-Mac working with the wings and guards. That was kind of the main message was coming in and having a huge role and developing." 

Q: Did you play any pickup games with the players?

Taylor: "The first day I played with them after they worked out. So that was good just getting up and down with them. Me and Buddy were guarding each other so that was fun. It was good. We played four games and we won three of them. It was a good day. It was me, Joe, Benny, we were on the same team. It was fun getting up and down with them." 


Q: What was the message from the Syracuse coaches?

Taylor: "Coach Boeheim was kind of preaching throughout the weekend that there might be rumors here and there that this will be his last year. Just because Coach Williams and Coach K retiring. He was preaching to us that if he gets the 22 class he wants he'll be here. He'll be coaching me if I come here. So that was good to hear. G-Mac and Autry have always been in constant contact with me so I've got a good relationship with them. The development aspect is huge with G-Mac and working out with him. But like I said, coach Boeheim was preaching that he'll be here coaching, so that was good to hear." 

Q: What did your mom think of the visit?

Taylor: "She loved it. She spent a lot of time talking with coach Boeheim's wife and coach G-Mac's wife. I think that was good for her because I'll be playing basketball and going to school there, but it's also important for her to have relationships with other moms there and coaches there. So I think it was good for her to meet them in person and see what's it like with the parents there.  

Q: After a few visits under your belt, where do you feel you are with the recruiting process and where does Syracuse stand?

Taylor: "The visits have helped a ton. Just going to UNC and now here. It's helped a ton because that was a huge part of it for me. Meeting the coaches in person, seeing the guys in person, seeing the campuses in person. The recruiting process has been tiring just because it's a lot to handle sometimes. I think the visits have helped and it could speed up the process, but we'll see. I have Indiana after this one. That's my last official. Taking these three visits will help me narrow it down and hopefully come to a decision pretty soon."