Syracuse a 'Big Consideration' for 2022 C Riley Mulvey

The class of 2022 big discusses his interest in Syracuse basketball
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The Syracuse basketball program offered a scholarship to Riley Mulvey back in August. Mulvey is a class of 2022 6-11 center originally from Albany (N.Y.) who plays at St. Thomas More in Connecticut. He averaged 14 points, 11 rebounds and six blocks per game at Albany Academy last season. 

He and his family were excited when Syracuse offered, and he says they have stayed in touch since. 

"Coach Red and coach G-Mac reached out on a weekly basis, but when the season started it's gone down slightly," Mulvey said. "But they still reach out every so often. We talk about the team and how our weeks have gone. I'm really comfortable with them and feel like I could say we are really close whenever we talk."

Before the start of this school year, Mulvey had a Zoom meeting with the entire Syracuse coaching staff. 

"It was in August, I think, right after I got the offer and all of the coaches were there,"  Mulvey said. "They talked about the familiarity and how close it was to home. All of the people I'd know along with the community and how it's one of the best."


The Syracuse coaches have also spoken to Mulvey about the role he would play on both ends of the floor. 

"I'd be a central role on defense in the zone," Mulvey said. "I'd be a big part of the offense with passing and/or post play." 

Being the big in-state school that is just a little ways down the thruway from his hometown, Mulvey says Syracuse is one of his top options right now. 

"Syracuse, for me, is a big consideration and I could easily see myself there," Mulvey said. "I think I'd put them in one of the colleges I'm really thinking of going to." 

Other schools recruiting him hard right now are Iowa, Virginia Tech, Penn, Penn State, Yale and Georgetown. He says Iowa and Virginia Tech are on the same level as Syracuse in his recruitment. Relationship with the coaching staffs is the big reason why those three schools are heavily involved. 

How close is Mulvey to a decision?

"I think I'll decide sometime after school ends this year," he said.