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Simeon Wilcher Has High Interest in Syracuse

The 2023 guard was campus for elite camp over the weekend.

Syracuse basketball hosted talented prospects from the 2022, 2023 and 2024 classes for elite camp over the weekend. That includes top Orange target in the 2023 class Simeon Wilcher, a 6-4 guard out of Roselle Catholic in New Jersey. caught up with Wilcher to discuss the elite camp, his interest in Syracuse and more.


Q: How was Syracuse's elite camp?

Simeon Wilcher: "The experience at the elite camp was very good. You kind of got a feel of things Syracuse did on the daily. Their workouts, team workouts. The competition was very good because it was a bunch of guys from a whole bunch of different areas. The best of the best. The competition was very good. We got to go against some guys that were really known and be able to just compete. No cameras, nothing. Just go at each other." 

Q: What was it like being coached by the Syracuse staff?

Wilcher: "It was very good because they treated us like we were at the school. Like we were already guys committed to the school and this was their every day thing. That's how they treated us. They made us feel more locked in because it wasn't fake or anything. It was like we were one of the guys." 

Q: What was your impression of the Melo Center?

Wilcher: "I've never seen a gym like that to be honest. It just had everything you need. Beautiful facility. From the walk-in all the way to the court, everything. They've got two full sized courts in there. Just the environment was one of a kind." 

Q: What did you talk about with coach Boeheim and McNamara after the camp?

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Wilcher: "Really just talking about how I did throughout the camp." 

Q: What is your relationship like with Gerry McNamara?

Wilcher: "I feel like the relationship is getting better every day. He reaches out to me every day, checks up on me. He sends me stuff that will be beneficial to my game and me growing as a player. Just growing that relationship." 

Q: What is your interest in Syracuse at this point in your recruitment?

Wilcher: "They're at high interest right now. Very high interest." 

Q: Which other schools are coming at you hard besides Syracuse?

Wilcher: "Texas Tech is coming at me hard. DePaul, Nebraska, Auburn, and Oregon too." 

Q: What will be the most important factors for you when making your decision?

Wilcher: "First it will be the coaching staff because they're the ones that will put you in places to develop and become the player you want to become to move on to the next level. Then just the environment. People that are around you and the energy that they bring is big."