Locked on Aggies: 2020 Already Over?

Cole Thompson

COLLEGE STATION — Well, that escalated quickly. 

Sometimes teams can win off merit alone. Texas A&M might not be at that level just yet. While the Buzz Williams hire was meant for the long-term option, his short-term goals might not be ready for the fans to enjoy. 

Wednesday's 78-61 loss to Florida all but ended the Aggies chance at making the NCAA tournament. The team's second half struggles were concerning once more as the team was outrebounded 14-11 on offensive production. Two Gators shot over 20 points apiece and the team's poor shooting will be an area of concern. 

The Aggies will have seven games to salvage their season, but how many can they actually win? Games against Georgia are guaranteed as Anthony Edwards is hot while both Alabama and Arkansas have played strong this past month. Three games against Top 25 teams to close out three of their four games won't help as well. 

In reality, is asking for more than 12 wins this season too much? 

Locked on Aggies, in partnership with AllAggies, is a daily podcast to provide insight to the world for Texas A&M sports. On Thursday's show, we look back as the 2020 season and how many wins can A&M grab to close the year off before a trip to Nashville in March. 

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