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Game Log: Texas A&M's Dettmer Delivers Seven Strong Innings In Win Over Notre Dame

Follow along through nine innings as Texas A&M keeps its hopes alive in the College World Series against Notre Dame

Two games down, three to go. That's the case for Texas A&M as it looks to make the College World Series final later this week. 

The Aggies fell short in a 12-8 loss to Oklahoma on Friday to kick off the CWS in style. Starter Nathan Dettmer struggled with his control against a potent Sooners' offense, allowing seven runs on four hits and three walks in 1 1/3 innings of work.

Standout Micah Dallas evened the Aggies' record against Texas in a must-win outing Sunday afternoon. Going five strong, the Texas Tech transfer allowed just two runs off six hits while striking out three Longhorns on the way to a 10-2 victory. 

The Aggies also tallied 10 hits and six walks to hit the double digit marker for the first time in Omaha, Neb. With the win, A&M breaks its 0-7 losing streak in CWS games since 1993. 

“We’ve had the same approach all season,” A&M outfielder Jordan Thompson said Sunday. “We just keep going, one pitch at a time. If we get a hit, great. If we don’t, we put a lot of pitches on the pitcher — (you) make him make pitches. And you just pass the bat along to the next guy behind you and have trust in him.” 

A&M is far from out of trouble yet as it must face Notre Dame for a shot at the semifinals. Link Jarrett's squad has been one of college baseball's most consistent offenses this spring, averaging 7.5 runs per outing. The Aggies are expected to start Dettmer, but could turn to the bullpen early once more with revelivers such as Joseph Menefee, Jacob Palish, Chris Cortez and Brad Rudis. 

Stick with as we follow all the in-game action from Omaha between Texas A&M and Notre Dame. 


Here is the starting lineup for Texas A&M:

1. 3B Trevor Werner

2. 1B Jack Moss

3. LF Dylan Rock

4. DH Austin Bost 

5. 2B Ryan Targac

6. C Troy Claunch 

7. RF Brett Minnich

8. CF Jordan Thompson 

9. SS Kole Kaler

PITCHING: Nathan Dettmer 

Here is the starting lineup for Notre Dame:

1. LF Ryan Cole

2. CF Spencer Myers

3. 1B Carter Putz

4. C David LaManna

5. 3B Jack Brannigan

6. DH Jack Zyska

7. 2B Jared Miller

8. SS Zack Prajzner

9. RF Brooks Coetzee

PITCHING: Liam Simon



Pitching: Liam Simon 

- Trevor Werner struck out swinging (K)

- Jack Moss struck out swinging (K)

- Dylan Rock struck out looking (K)


Pitching: Nathan Dettmer

- Ryan Cole reached base on error by Werner (E5)

- Spencer Myers sacrifice bunted to third base, Werner throw to Moss, Cole advanced to second (SAC) 

- Carter Putz grounded out to Werner, throw to Moss (5-3)

- David LaManna flied out to Jordan Thompson (F8)

END OF FIRST INNING: Texas A&M 0, Notre Dame 0



Pitching: Simon 

- Austin Bost doubled to left field

- Ryan Targac walked

- Troy Claunch struck out looking (K)

- Bost caught stealing third, Targac advanced to second on passed ball

- Minnich struck out looking (K)


Pitching: Dettmer

- Jack Brannigan flied out to Rock (F7)

- Jack Zyska struck out looking (K)

- Jared Miller struck out swinging (K)

END OF SECOND INNING: Texas A&M 0, Notre Dame 0



Pitching: Simon 

- Jordan Thompson walked, advanced to second on balk

- Kole Kaler singled to centerfield, advanced to second on throw to third, Thompson to third  

- Werner walked

PITCHING CHANGE: Jack Findlay to replace Simon

- Moss struck out swinging (K)

- Rock reached on a throwing error by Brannigan, RBI, advanced to second on the error, Werner advanced to second, advanced to third on the error; Kaler advanced to third, scored on the error, unearned; Thompson scored. (E5)

- Bost walked

- Targac flied out to Brooks Coetzee, Bost advanced to second, Rock out at third, Werner scored (SAC)


Pitching: Dettmer

- Zack Prajzner grounded out to Werner, throw to Moss (5-3)

- Brooks Coetzee grounded out to Moss (3)

- Cole hit by pitch (HBP)

- Myers struck out swinging (K)

END OF THIRD INNING: Texas A&M 3, Notre Dame 0



Pitching: Findlay

- Claunch flied out to Coetzee (F9)

- Minnich singled to right-centerfield 

- Thompson singled pass Findlay, Minnich to third

- Kaler grounded to Prajzner, throw to Putz, Thompson out at second (6-3)


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Pitching: Dettmer

- Putz grounded out to Werner, throw to Moss (5-3)

- LaManna singled to centerfield 

- Brannigan lined out to Targac (4)

- Zyska struck out swinging (K)

END OF FOURTH INNING: Texas A&M 3, Notre Dame 0



Pitching: Findlay

- Werner homer to left field 

- Moss doubled to left-center, advanced to third on passed ball

- Rock singled, Moss scored 

- Bost singled to centerfield, Rock to second 

PITCHING CHANGE: Alex Rao to replace Findlay 

- Targac flied out to Cole (F7)

- Calunch lined out to Prajzner (6)

- Minnich struck out swinging (K)


Pitching: Dettmer

- Miller doubled to left field 

- Prajzner grounded to Werner, throw to Moss (5-3)

- Coetzee struck out swinging (K)

- Cole grounded to Kaler, throw to Moss (6-3)

END OF FIFTH INNING: Texas A&M 5, Notre Dame 0



Pitching: Rao

- Thompson grounded out Brannigan, throw to Putz (5-3)

- Kaler walked

- Werner singled to center, Kaler to second

PITCHING CHANGE: Will Mercer to replace Rao

- Moss struck out looking

- Rock walked

- Bost flied out to Myers (F8)


Pitching: Dettmer

- Myers grounded out to Moss (3)

- Putz grounded to Kaler, throw to Moss (6-3)

- LaManna flied out to Minnich (F7)

END OF SIXTH INNING: Texas A&M 5, Notre Dame 0



Pitching: Mercer

- Targac singled to right field

- Claunch grounded to Brannigan, throw to Miller, throw to Putz, Targac out at second (5-4-3)

- Minnich struck out looking (K)


Pitching: Dettmer

- Brannigan flied out to Minnich 

PINCH HIT: Nick Juaire to replace Zyska

- Juaire struck out swinging (K)

- Miller singled down left field line

- Prajzner grounded to Kaler, throw to Targac, Miller out at second (6-4)

END OF SEVENTH INNING: Texas A&M 5, Notre Dame 0



Pitching: Mercer

- Thompson flied out to Putz in foul territory (F3)

- Kaler flied out to Coetzee (F9)

- Werner struck out swinging (K)


Pitching: Brad Rudis 

- Coetzee homered to left field 

- Cole hit by pitch 

- Myers walked, Cole to second

PITCHING CHANGE: Joseph Menefee to replace Rudis 

- Putz struck out swinging (K)

- Lamanna grounded to Werner, throw to Moss, Cole out at third (5-3 DP)

END OF EIGHTH INNING: Texas A&M 5, Notre Dame 0



Pitching: Mercer

- Moss grounded to Miller, throw to Putz (4-3)

- Rock grounded to Prajzner, throw to Putz (6-3)

- Bost struck out looking (K)


- Brannigan walked, caught stealing second  

- Juaire struck out swinging (K)

- Miller doubled down left field line

- Prajzner popped out to Targac (F4)

FINAL: Texas A&M 5, Notre Dame 1

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