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Game Log: Defense & Calzada Shine, Coverage Blown Late Vs. LSU In Loss

Live from Tiger Stadium, make sure you stick with for four quarters of action

BATON ROUGE La. -- Ed Orgeron lifted the College Football Playoff trophy just 81 miles east of Tiger Stadium in January of 2020. He embraced LSU quarterback Joe Burrow as the Tigers finished a perfect 15-0 to close out a record-setting 2019 season. 

Two years later, his time with the program is over. Orgeron will be coaching his final game on Saturday night against No. 15 Texas A&M. The Aggies (8-3, 4-3 SEC) aren't messing around, though. Even without the chance to make the College Football Playoff, they could make their own history under fourth-year coach Jimbo Fisher. 

The Tigers (5-6, 2-5 SEC) must win to keep their bowl eligible status alive. In what has become dubbed the new "rivalry" game since A&M joined the SEC in 2012, LSU remains undefeated at home, posting a 4-0 record. 

The Aggies continue to grow since the arrival of Fisher in 2018. Since his arrival in College Station, A&M has posted a 2-1 record against LSU, including the seven overtime victory back in Kyle Field that shocked the SEC stratosphere. 

Should A&M win on Saturday, a chance for a 10-win season remains alive. So do hopes for a New Year's Six Bowl game, but other programs must provide the extra push to move the Aggies into contention on conference championship weekend. 

Make sure to stick with live from Tiger Stadium as A&M looks to finish the 2021 season on the right note with a two-game winning streak. 


- Texas A&M won the toss and elected to defer until the second half. The Tigers, led by QB Max Johnson, connects with Malik Nabers on first down to reach midfield. A holding call against A&M's Tyreek Chapell keeps the drive alive a tad longer. A stop by Jayden Peevy forces a fourth down, but LSU's Tyrion Davis Price nabs a gain of 3. The Tigers can't convert after eating up six minutes, leading to a 50-yard field goal from Cade York. 

LSU 3, Texas A&M 0 Scoring Drive: (13 plays, 44 yards, 6:22)

- A&M QB Zach Calzada comes out throwing early, connecting for a 10-yard gain with Devon Achane. A third down throw from Calzada is batted at the line of scrimmage by LSU's Neil Farrell Jr., leading to a punt. The Tigers begin the drive at their 14. 

- LSU is trusting its run game, picking up a first down with Davis-Price nabbing 10 and Johnson grabbing 4 to keep the drive alive. Johnson finds Jaray Jenkins for a gain of 19, putting the Tigers back in Aggie territory. Johnson misses back-to-back throws, leading to a punt. The Aggies will begin the drive at their own 9.  

- Calzada finds Ainias Smith for a gain of 5 and Achane for a gain of 1. Still, its too short, leading to a three-and-out for the Aggies. The Tigers will begin the drive on their own 34. 

- Corey Kiner moves the ball with ease after a gain of 12 for a first down. DeMarvin Leal tacks on another five yards with the offside call to push the Tigers across midfield as the first quarter comes to an end. 

LSU 3, Texas A&M 0 


- Johnson corks it back and finds Jenkins for a 45-yard touchdowns. The Aggies are now down early and have less than 20 yards of offense through two drives. 

LSU 10, Texas A&M 0 Scoring Drive: (4 plays, 66 yards, 1:56)

- Calzada finds Achane out of the backfield for a gain of 21. Achane can't convert on third down, but the Aggies go for it on fourth and get the three yards thanks to tight end Jalen Wydermyer. Calzada takes the sack on third down and the Aggies punt once more. The Tigers will begin the drive on their own 16. 

- Johnson finds Jenkins for 16 yards, but that ends the positive praise. A&M gets the stop and will start the next drive on their own 27. 

- Smith and Isaiah Spiller go back-to-back for gains of 9 to set up the Aggies at midfield. Achane breaks free for a gain of 23 and puts A&M just outside the red zone. Wydermyer gains 14 and puts A&M within striking distance. Calzada finds the end zone with a 13-yard touchdown to Moose Muhammad III to put A&M on the board.  

LSU 10, Texas A&M 7 Scoring Drive: (7 plays, 73 yards, 3:46)

- With no one open, Johnson gains 12 to keep the drive alive. Two penalties and a pass breakup from Jaylon Jones ends the drive. A&M will start next on their own 19. 

- It's a quick three-and-out after the Calzada sack. The Tigers will begin the drive at their own 38. 

- Johnson moves quick, connecting with Trey Palmer for a 62-yard touchdown to take a 10-point lead going into the second half. 

LSU 17, Texas A&M 7 Scoring Drive :(2 plays, 64 yard, :34)

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- A quick run from Achane eats the clock out. 



- Jalen Preston drops the first pass and Muhammad drops the second. A&M goes three-and-out as Calzada can't connect with Wydermyer.  The Tigers will start the drive at their own 10. 

- A&M's defense gets the best of the Tigers early, forcing just a four-play drive. The Aggies will begin the drive at their own 21. 

- Calzada connects with Smith for a gain of 10, and Wydermyer for 11. Calzada finds Muhammad again for a gain of 39, putting A&M in the Tigers' red zone. The Aggies can't connect from inside the 20, leaving Seth Small to kick a 33-yard field goal. 

LSU 17, Texas A&M 10 Scoring Drive: (10 plays. 63 yards, 4:42)

- The Aggies' defense loses Edgerrin Cooper, but they force a three-and-out with a Micheal Clemons sack. The Aggies will start at LSU's 47 yard line.  

- The return from Muhammad goes for nothing as Calzada goes 0 of 3 passing. The Tigers will begin the drive at their own 11.   

- The Tigers convert on third down with a 9-yard catch. Davis-Price breaks free for a gain of 29, putting LSU in A&M territory for the first time in the second half. The Aggies get the stop, but York makes the 47-yard field goal. 

LSU 20, Texas A&M 10 Scoring Drive: (9 plays, 59 yards, 3:23)

- Finally life in the run game as Achane nabs a gain of 21 and then seven to move into LSU territory. The sophomore grabs another 18 and puts the Aggies at LSU's 29. 



- Calzada finds Preston for the 15-yard touchdown, marking the first of the season for the wideout. The Aggies trail by three with over 14 minutes remaining 

LSU 20, Texas A&M 17 Scoring Drive: (7 plays, 75 yards, 3:07) 

- Davis-Price moves upfield for a gain of 12, but a sack by Clemons brings up a loss of five. A dropped pass by Nabers brings up fourth down. The Aggies will begin the drive on their own 35 yard line. 

- A chop block against A&M forces a three-and-out. The Tigers will begin the drive on their own 22. 

- Two sacks by Clemons and Demani Richardson forces a three-and-out by LSU. Muhammed gets 15 yards on the return, putting A&M at the Tigers' 47.  

- Spiller continues to lose yards on the ground, but the Aggies pick up the first on a pass to Preston. Flushed out of the pocket, Calzada connects with Preston again on third down, who beats three LSU defenders to the pylon for a 32-yard touchdown. The Aggies take the lead for the first time since kickoff. 

Texas A&M 24, LSU 20 Scoring Drive: (6 plays, 45 yards, 2:34)

- Johnson finds Nabers for a gain of 11 before Davis-Price grabs a fresh set of downs. On third down, A&M forces a delay of game before a sack comes by Leal. The Aggies will start the drive on their own 17.

- The Aggies can’t get the first down to eat out the clock. The Tigers begin the drive from their own 14.

- Holy LSU. On fourth down, the Tigers convert. On third-and-short, Johnson finds Jennings for a 28-yard touchdown pass to take the lead with 20 seconds. 

FINAL: LSU 27, Texas A&M 24