Gameday: Texas A&M vs. Georgia

Cole Thompson

ATHENS, Ga. - Texas A&M is riding high on a four-game win streak. With a revamped offense and sound defense, the Aggies are slowly creeping back into the top rankings of the Southeastern Conference. 

But four wins against non-ranked opponents could mean nothing "between the hedges" Saturday. The Aggies (7-3, 4-2 SEC) hope to keep up the pace and play the spoiler role over the next two weekends. That journey will begin in Samford Stadium against No.4 Georgia. 

The Bulldogs (9-1, 6-1 SEC) suffered a midseason loss to South Carolina. That was due to a three turnover game by veteran quarterback Jake Fromm rather than the team as a whole. A reliable run game an impressive secondary have led the charge, taking Georgia back to the SEC Championship Game for the third consecutive season. 

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Georgia Ball: Georgia would begin the game on offense after Texas A&M deferred. Pressure in the backfield would lead to an overthrow by Jake Fromm on third down. The Aggies start off the game right, forcing a three-and-out. 

Texas A&M Ball: Georgia's run defense was going to be a problem. Back-to-back runs by Isaiah Spiller would lead to a 3rd and 20. Playing it safe, A&M settled for a yard and relied on a Braden Mann punt. 

Georgia Ball: Georgia started with excellent field position thanks to an 18-yard return from Dominick Blaylock. Running back D'Andre Swift would break free for a first down run on back-to-back plays. On third down, Fromm would miss Brian Herrian in the flats which could have led to a first down. The Bulldogs would settle for a 41-yard field goal from Rodrigo Blankenship to give Georgia an early lead. 

Georgia 3, Texas A&M 0  (Scoring Drive: 6 plays, 23 yards, 2:44)

Texas A&M Ball: That's not how you hope to respond following a score. Kellen Mond's pass would be blocked at the line of scrimmage before being sacked on third down. It would lead to another Braden Mann punt. The Aggies have yet to pick up a first down.  

Georgia Ball: The Bulldogs try for a flea flicker and miss on first down. A bad snap from Trey Hill would lead to a fumbled snap from Fromm and a three-and-out for the Bulldogs. What looked to be promising for Georgia lead to a big swing of momentum for the Aggies. 

Texas A&M Ball: A 23-yard gain from Mond to Jhamon Ausbon led to A&M's first down of the afternoon. That would be all the Aggies would get as Georgia's pressure would affect the offense. A&M would punt, but the team is trending in a better direction. 

Georgia Ball: Pinned at the 1-yard line, Fromm would misconnect with his targets twice. A 20-yard punt return from Quartney Davis would set the Aggies up inside Georgia territory to begin their drive. Five drives combined have ended with three-and-outs. 

Texas A&M Ball: A Cagan Baldree 8-yard pickup would keep A&M's chances alive as the quarter comes to an end. The Aggies will begin the second quarter just outside Georgia's red zone. 

END OF FIRST QUARTER: Georgia 3, Texas A&M 0 


Texas A&M Ball: Mond was unable to find anything in the red zone despite open targets. Trying to find Jalen Wydermyer, the freshman tight end would slip on third down. Seth Small would make a 37-yard field goal to tie things up early in the second quarter. 

Texas A&M 3, Georgia 3 

Scoring Drive ( 7 plays, 15 yards, 3:17)

Georgia Ball: Brian Herrian would return the kick for a 41-yard gain to set Georgia up near A&M territory. Fromm and the offense continued to miscommunicate on third down, failing to find Demertrius Robinson. Blankenship would somehow nail a 49-yard field goal to give the Bulldogs a three-point lead. 


Georgia 6, Texas A&M 3 

Scoring Drive: (5 plays, 22 yards, 1:53)

Texas A&M Ball: Nothing is going right for the Aggies' offense. A delay of game plus a pair of sacks leads to another three-and-out for A&M. The good news is the defense is holding Fromm from making an impact. It's been a kicking day at Samford. 

Georgia Ball: From finally found his rhythm in the second quarter. A 27 and 22-yard pickup would put Georgia just outside A&M's red zone. On third down, the junior would connect with George Pickens for a 16-yard touchdown. Georgia takes a two score lead over A&M.


Georgia 13, Texas A&M 3

Scoring Drive: (7 plays, 65 yards, 2:46)

The sun finally made an appearance out in Athens. The Aggies' offense still has yet to show up. Another three-and-out for A&M.  

Georgia Ball: Swift would break free for a 23-yard gain and head near A&M territory. Fromm would try to shoot one deep, but Charles Oliver continues to impress in coverage, breaking up another pass. It's Aggie ball. 

Texas A&M Ball: Back-to-back first downs from the Aggies offense gave them a rhythm. A 24-yard pass from Mond to Davis would put A&M inside Georgia's territory. It wouldn't matter as a Kendrick Rogers penalty and fumbled snap by Mond would end any chance of the Aggies to score. 


Georgia Ball: Swift would run for a short gain and let the clock run out. It'll be Texas A&M ball to begin the third quarter. 

HALFTIME: Georgia 13, Texas A&M 3


Texas A&M Ball: Jalen Wydermyer fought forward for a first down to give A&M promising yards. Georgia safety Richard LeCounte would force a fumble and lead to a turnover for the Bulldogs' defense. 

Georgia Ball: Fromm would just miss Robinson for a touchdown. The Bulldogs would be forced to settle for another Blankenship field goal , this time from 37-yards out to add to their lead. Although it wasn't a touchdown, at least Georgia walked away with positive points. 

Georgia 16, Texas A&M 3

Scoring Drive: (4 plays, 1 yard, 00:57) 

Texas A&M Ball: Even a positive drive ends on a sour note for the Aggies. A pair of first downs through the air seemed to have A&M looking like they could make something happen. Fisher would then run it four straight times, leading to a turnover on downs and ending the Aggies' drive. This just isn't Texas A&M's day. 

Georgia Ball: Well, at least it was a three-and-out for the Bulldogs offense. Texas A&M's defense has allowed only 75 passing yards on the day. 

Texas A&M Ball: Once again on third down, Mond connected with his target under pressure. This time it was Wydermyer, who would pick up 20 yards on the play and put A&M inside the 30. Knocking on the door following the pass interference call, A&M knew a touchdown could give momentum to their roster. They'd settle for a 37-yard field goal from Small. 

Georgia 16, Texas A&M 6

Scoring Drive: (7 plays, 39 yards, 2:00)

Georgia Ball: Fromm would find Pickens for  41-yard pickup before Zamir White would place the Bulldogs in the red zone.  A blind-side block would take the Bulldogs out of the red zone for a play, but Herrian's 13-yard run would bring them back. The clock would strike zero before another Blankenship kick could occur. 

END OF THIRD QUARTER: Georgia 16, Texas A&M 6


Georgia Ball: Blankenship needed one play into the quarter to nail a 31-yard field goal. The Bulldogs add to the lead. 

Georgia 19, Texas A&M 6

Scoring Drive : (7 plays, 61 yards, 4:18)

Texas A&M Ball: Wydermyer stepped up once more, picking up a 13-yard gain to move the chains. Although penalties would push them back, Mond connected with Davis to place A&M at midfield. It would take a few more plays, but the quarterback would find Aubson for a 19-yard touchdown. The Aggies are now down by six with minutes left in the game. 

Georgia 19, Texas A&M 13

Scoring Drive: (10 plays, 75 yards, 3:40) 

Georgia Ball: Fromm would connect with Swift for a 20-yard pickup, putting Georgia in Aggie territory. Three strong plays, including an Aaron Hansford sack would led to a Bulldog punt. The Aggies are down, but they could rebound quick. 

Texas A&M Ball: Rogers finally makes his presence with a 23-yard catch. Ausbon would follow with a pickup of 20. On third down, Mond would try to connect with Wydermyer but would lead to fourth down. Some would argue that the freshman was being held by the defender. Mann would come out to punt. 

Georgia Ball: A Herrian run would add another set of downs for Georgia as the clock continues to run. On third down, Swift would burst free for an 11-yard gain before tacking on another first down. That would be all Georgia needed to hold onto the victory. 

Final: Georgia 19, Texas A&M 13