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Game Log: Texas A&M Shocks No. 1 Alabama, 41-38 As Time Expires

The Aggies host the No. 1 Crimson Tide at Kyle Field in a game that has lost it's luster after A&M has limped to a 3-2 record on the season

The Texas A&M Aggies play host to the No. 1 Alabama Crimson Tide on Saturday night at Kyle Field in a game that was supposed to be between two teams fighting for an SEC West title. 

But then the season started, and the Aggies have stumbled to a 3-2 record, lost their starting quarterback, and dealt with injuries on the offensive line.

At the same time, Alabama continues to be Alabama and has shown once again to be the jewel of the SEC. Quarterback Bryce Young continues to impress and play like a Heisman contender, while the defense plays well enough to help the team remain undefeated.

Follow along with our live game blog during the game, starting at 7:00 p.m. CT!

It's kickoff time at Kyle Field! Alabama wins the toss and defers to the second half. Aggies have the ball first.

A&M starts with the ball at their own 25, Spiller for 5, Spiller for 16, Calzada to Smith for 11, and a personal foul roughing the passer penalty on Alabama is how the game starts.

FIELD GOAL AGGIES! The A&M drive stalls at the Alabama 21, and the Seth Small 38-yard field goal is good!  54 yards, seven plays, and 3:25 off the clock. Texas A&M leads 3-0 with 11:35 left on the clock in the first. 

Alabama starts their first drive of the game from their own 35 but with a delay of game on the Aggies, it's moved up to the 40. 

Bryce Young avoids defensive pressure for a scramble 15 yards up the middle to convert a 3rd and 8 for a first down.

TOUCHDOWN ALABAMA! Bryce Young passes 20 yards to Roydell Williams for a touchdown on busted coverage on the right side of the defense. The drive goes 10 plays, 65 yards, and takes 4:53 off the clock. WIth 6:42 left in the first quarter, it's 7-3 Crimson Tide.

The Aggies start their next possession from the 25 after the kickoff, and Calzada immediately hits Demas for 10 yards for a first down.

Calzada to Wydermyer for 34 yards to the Alabama 27.

TOUCHDOWN AGGIES! Calzada to Wydermyer for 27 yards for the touchdown! That's Wydermyer's 14th career touchdown catch! The drive went 75 yards on three plays and took 1:16 off the clock. With 5:26 left in the first quarter, it's Aggies 10, Crimson Tide 7.

Alabama starts the drive from their own 25.

Texas A&M calls a defensive time-out before a third and one from the Alabama 44.

FUMBLE RECOVERY AGGIES! Young mishandles the handoff to Robinson and Leon O'Neal Jr recovers at the Alabama 41. That's the first fumble recovery for the Aggies defense all season.

Consecutive runs by Achane of 11, 7, 5, and 6 yards have the ball at the Alabama 11. 

TOUCHDOWN AGGIES! Calzada to Smith for 11 yards for the touchdown! The scoring drive goes seven plays, 41 yards, and takes 3:44 off the clock. With 0:33 remaining in the first quarter, it's Alabama 7, Texas A&M 17.

Alabama starts their drive from their own 25. A personal foul late hit call on the Aggies takes the ball to the 40.

Bryce Young passes complete to John Metchie III for 40 yards to the Texas A&M 20 yard line, then Brian Robinson Jr. runs for 16 yards to the four yard line. 

That's the end of the first quarter.


INTERCEPTION AGGIES! A red zone interception by Demani Richardson in the end zone returned to the three yard line!

The Aggies drive stalls at the 27 and Nik Constantinou punts to the Alabama 27 yard line.

The Aggies gift Alabama a first down on a defensive holding call, but the defense holds and Alabama is forced to punt.

First down Aggies at their own 26.

INTERCEPTION ALABAMA! Calzada misfires to an Alabama player and it's first down Tide at the Aggies 40.

The Bama drive stalls after a third and eight sack of Bryce Young by Leon O'Neal Jr and the Tide are forced to kick a  38-yard field goal. The scoring drive goes five plays, 20 yards, and takes 1:25 off the clock after the Calzada nterception. With 5:44 left in the half, it's Alabama 10, Texas A&M 17.

A&M starts their drive from the 25, and on an all-out blitz, Zach Calzada passes complete to Devon Achane for 33 yards to the Alabama 44.

Calzada to Smith converts a 3rd and long, first down Aggies at the 13 yard line.

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TOUCHDOWN AGGIES! Spiller rushes 15 yards for a touchdown! Seven plays, 75 yards, and 3:35 off the clock. With 2:09 left in the half, it's Alabama 10, Texas A&M 24.

Alabama starts from their own 25 then Brian Robinson rattles off  29 yards to the A&M 46.

The Crimson Tide drive comes up short and they wanted to go for it on fourth and two but a false start penalty eliminates that idea and Alabama punts to the Aggies nine yard line.

That will end the half with the score Alabama 10, Texas A&M 24.

Zach Calzada is 13-of-14 for 183 yards, two touchdowns, and one interception for the half with the only incompletion being the interception.


Alabama starts the second half with the ball at the 25 after the touchback.

On a third and two Brian Robinson Jr. runs for 15 yards to the Alabama 48 for a first down, then on third and nine, Bryce Young passes complete to Brian Robinson Jr. for 16 yards to the Texas A&M 35 for a first down.

The A&M defense brings the pressure and halts the Alabama opening drive of the second half. The Tide punt to the Aggies 13 yard line.

TOUCHDOWN ALABAMA! The Alabama defense comes up big this time and keeps the Aggies to three and out. Constantinou's punt is blocked for the Alabama touchdown.

TOUCHDOWN AGGIES! Devon Achane returns the Alabama kickoff for 96 yards for a touchdown!

Alabama starts its drive at the 25, and Robinson, Roydell Williams and Jameson Williams immediately have the Tide to the Aggies 29.

TOUCHDOWN ALABAMA! Bryce Young's pass is complete to Jameson Williams for 29 yds for a touchdown. The drive goes six plays, 75 yards, and took 2:33 off the clock. With 5:31 left in the third quarter, it's Alabama 24, Texas A&M 31.

A&M starts their drive at the 25 and the drive stalls as Calzada missed two open receivers on the drive. Constantinou punts to the 43.

Alabama is driving as the third quarter ends with the score 31-24 Aggies.


FIELD GOAL ALABAMA! The Tide drive ends at the Aggies 20 and the Reichard field goal is good. The scoring drive goes nine plays, 48 yards, and takes 4:50 off the clock. With 14:02 left, it's 31-27 Aggies.

A&M starts the drive at the 25. Calzada is missing everything again. The Aggies must punt after four plays and 15 yards. JoJo Earle returns the punt 20 yards to the Alabama 32. 

Alabama keeps driving with the ball on the ground. Now at the A&M 12 after another defensive delay-of-game penalty.

FIELD GOAL ALABAMA! The Aggies defense holds Alabama to a 22-yard field goal. 13 plays, 64 yards, 4:18 off the clock. A&M leads 31-30. 

A&M starts their drive at the 25 and Spiller, who returns to the game after injury, goes for four yards to the left side.

The Aggies lose all momentum they had in the first half, and lead only by one as they give the ball back to Alabama at the 22. The Aggies have run just 13 offensive plays in the second half.

Alabama converts another key third down on third and six. This one is slipping away from the Aggies.

TOUCHDOWN ALABAMA! Alabama is showing why they're No. 1. The Aggies defense wasn't even set and no one was watching Jameson Williams, and no referees saw that the Alabama offensive line wasn't set. The second missed Alabama penalty that mattered in the second half. It's 38-20 Alabama.

A&M has the ball and are trying for a game-winning drive towards the end of the fourth quarter.

TOUCHDOWN AGGIES! Calzada passes 25 yards to Smith for the touchdown! Calzada is injured on the play and he needs help walking off the field. Bost is the backup, a walk on.  The scoring drive goes six plays, 65 yards, and takes 2:00 off the clock. With 3:00 left in regulation, it's Alabama 38 and A&M 38.

The A&M defense holds Alabama to a three and out when it counts. The Tide punt to the Aggies 35. Smith returns it three yards. 

Great play from Calzada to Spiller to keep the drive alive, then an injured Calzada takes it himself for another first down.

The Aggies kick the game-winning field goal with :01 left on the clock. The final from Kyle Field, 41-38, Texas A&M wins!