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Peyton Manning has partnered with the Graduate Knoxville Hotel just steps away from Tennessee's campus, to make an unparalleled experience through "Saloon 16."

The hotel's website states: We’ve partnered with UT great Peyton “The Sheriff” Manning for our western-inspired, high-end watering hole. Put some money in the jukebox and grab a seat at the bar. Great for gamedays or weekdays, Saloon 16 offers private dining space and outdoor seating, too.

The Saloon's menu offers a variety of interestingly named meals and drinks.

The meals feature items such as Rocky Top Pork Rinds, Condredge's Cobb Salad, Helton's Chili and Frito Pie, Cutcliffe's Crinkle Cut Fries, and Peyton's Chicken Parm Sandwich.

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The drink menu features variety and more Tennessee based verbiage including, Pat Summit's Royal Sprite, John Ward's Cowboy Shandy, Gus's Good Times, and Sweeten Coves Tennessee Treasure.

Below is a gallery of Manning's tour of the Saloon. (All photos are Courtesy of Caitie McMekin of the Knoxville News Sentinel.)