John Fulkerson, Pal’s Sudden Service agree to partnership deal

Will ‘Fulky Fries’ become a thing?

KINGSPORT, Tenn. — The best potential NIL partnership in college basketball is now official: Pal’s Sudden Service has announced a business partnership with Tennessee sixth-year forward John Fulkerson.

In his time at Tennessee, Fulkerson — a Kingsport native — has become synonymous with the restaurant, which has been open for 60 years and is also based in Kingsport.

Pal’s serves hamburgers, hot dogs, “frenchie fries,” milkshakes and more. And Fulkerson has likely sampled every item on the menu, with plenty of promotion to go along with his discussion.

He’s raved about their hot dogs. He’s been featured in Tennessee-themed Pal’s graphics. He even announced his sixth-year senior campaign while wearing a Pal’s T-shirt.

This summer’s NIL changes have added another layer to the relationship, as fans have noted that Pal’s should strike up a partnership with Tennessee’s favorite power forward.

And Fulkerson agreed. 

Now, that layer has become official, as Pal’s announced the deal on Thursday afternoon. 

There will be a joint press conference on Monday, featuring Fulkerson and Pal’s executive Adam Crosby.

 While Fulkerson has raved about Pal’s before, it should be fun to see the new content that’s produced now that Tennessee’s No. 10 can profit off his love for the restaurant.