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2025 ATH Cameron Sparks Talks Recruitment, Looks Ahead to Busy Summer

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Chattanooga, Tenn.-- Baylor School class of 2025 athlete Cameron Sparks has already caught the attention of college coaches at the Major Power Five level, with offers from Tennessee, Arkansas and Vanderbilt, among others. With a big summer in the works, Sparks talks about his recruitment with Volunteer Country

"The whole process has been fun especially at this age, still trying to be a high school kid and have fun," Sparks said of his overall thoughts on his recuitment. "Funny story, I was in Florida riding my bike on spring break and got a call from my coach that Virginia Tech wanted to send me an offer. The process is really starting to take off now."

Sparks played receiver and defensive back during his first season at the prep level, and that will likely continue this fall, but he will play on the offensive side of the ball once he gets to the next level.

"They really like how I get down at the top of my routes and break them off really quick," Sparks said of what college coaches have told him they like about his game. "I can run well in space, and I am very versatile, and I can play both sides of the ball. Last season I played safety, this season I will probably play wide receiver and a little safety."

Sparks 6'3", 210lbs frame is ideal for having success against smaller defensive backs, and he also puts his basketball background to use as well. 

"[Basketball background] helps with being able to track the ball," he said of where he utilizes his basketball skillset the most on the football field. "Because you obviously have to do that in basketball with getting rebounds. Then if you are on the goal line running a fade, it's the same thing. Have to track the ball."

So far in the process, Sparks has been to Tennessee, Alabama and Jackson State, but he will see a few more schools this fall. 

Since camping and earning an offer from the Vols last summer, he has been a frequent visitor to Rocky Top

"I like their coaching staff," he said about Tennessee. "They are just welcoming like a family, and they know what they're talking about. They only mean well when they talk, and the facilities are top notch. It just feels like a family with them, it's great."

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Being in Chattanooga, Sparks is already hearing from members of the Tennessee fan base. 

"Sometimes when I go to my friends house, their parents will be like 'hey put on this orange. We like you in it.' It's all love."

Sparks admits it would be nice to be close to family by staying in-state at Tennessee, but it won't be a major deciding factor for him.

"It's nice to be close to family," he said of this. "It's like your back door, two-hour drive., but I have to be open to all opportunities."

Sparks will play both AAU basketball this summer, while also traveling to several camps to work out in front of college coaches. 

"I'm doing a little bit of both actually," he said of this. I'm only going to do four camps this summer during June. I'm still going to play basketball. I don't want to waste my whole summer traveling across the country. But I'll go to Tennessee, Alabama, Florida and Georgia."

As Sparks gets in front of more college coaches, he knows he has plenty of time before having to make a decision, but he is still looking at multiple aspects that he expects to impact his recruitment in the long-term.

"Just how they connect with their players, as well as the player feedback from players that go there," he said of this.  "And how well they care about their education. At UT, you have to have a certain GPA to move off campus. They take their education seriously as does Alabama."

Jack Foster contributed to this report