Coveted In-State Target Cameron Miller Talks Rocky Top OV, More

2022 Memphis WR Cameron Miller details his weekend official visit on Rocky Top
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Tennessee hosted a bevy of top targets during this official visit weekend on Rocky Top, including top in-state receiver Cameron Miller of Memphis Academy Health and Sciences. Miller, a long-time target for the Vols, discusses his visit to Knoxville here.

"I really enjoyed the coaches and the welcome from the staff from the time I go there," Miller said about his trip. "It was something special from the time I stepped on campus. The next day was pretty good, just talking to the coaches and seeing the other recruits and then meeting the players too. The players were one of the most surprising parts. They were always with us and treated us like we were a part of the team. That is one of the things that stood out to me."

During the official visit weekend, Tennessee offers a players-only panel that allows recruits the opportunity to ask the team any questions they want with no coaches around. Miller used the opportunity to learn about the college transition.

"I learned about the transition from high school to college — workout-wise and just building that confidence up from high school to college—they explained all of that very well and them enjoying the new coaching staff," he said.

He also used the weekend visit as an opportunity to build on a solid relationship with the Tennessee staff.

"Being here showed what was in reality to the culture around and the things they have to offer," Miller said about his thoughts from time spent with the staff. "From the training to the workouts to the recovery part, and then to the practice field. They were very informative about explaining that. The coaches and the staff that coach Heupel has got just lets you know they are here for you, and they are doing everything to get the program back right."

"Just talking to Coach Heupel, Coach Halze, and Coach Burns and, they were explaining the different types of concepts they do for receivers like me to get open and how they like my skillset as a speed guy that can run good routes and things like that."

So what is next for Miller as the month of June winds down?

"I haven't really thought of it yet," he said. "Maybe I will be making one more in the trip in the fall during the season. Right now, I am focusing on that I had a good weekend and that shocked me and surprised me a bit, so I am just trying to get ready for the fall now, since the practices and the therapy is going to start. After all of that, I think I might be ready to make a call somewhere during the fall."Miller is currently being recruited Alabama, Illinois, Florida, Memphis, Mississippi State, and others.