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DL Target Weathersby Feels Like A 'Priority' During Rocky Top Official Visit

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Tennessee hosted a bevy of top recruiting targets this weekend on official visits, including New Manchester (Ga.) standout defensive line target Tyree Weathersby. Following the visit, Weathersby discussed the trip with Volunteer Country. 

"Man it was so fun," he said of the official visit. "Connected with the players already on the team, the new recruits they brought in. Of course they had a couple new players commit this weekend. It was a couple or something like that. Anyways it was just fun. And of course the coaches, we have a great relationship. Always talk to the head coaches, make sure of that. It was just an amazing time and I really enjoyed it."

Weathersby enjoyed all of the activities Tennessee had planned for him during the weekend, but having the chance to bond with fellow recruits stood out above the rest.

"It was definitely spending time with the recruits, going out on the boat and playing video games, and then going to hang out with the players on the team at night time," Weathersby said of the highlight of the trip. 

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Coming into the weekend, he just wanted to check off a few boxes, and Tennessee was able to make him feel how much he is needed in Knoxville. 

"I definitely feel like more of a priority [after the visit]," he said of this. "They made it be known that they want me and they need me. They really made me feel like family this weekend. Then I found out that Coach Garner has two twins, and that's one thing I didn't know at all. It was just a lot, man."

Weathersby still has a lot to process, but at this time, he doesn't feel like his decision timeline has changed. 

I still want to commit sometime around the start of my season, in August most likely," Weathersby said of a timeline.