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Auburn Commit J'Marion Gooch 'Hearing From Tennessee Almost Every Other Day'

J'Marion Gooch committed to Auburn in the middle of April, and it caught several people by surprise. Teams are continuing to recruit him, and Tennessee is one of those schools. He discusses the Vols and more in the video above. Below is his SI All-American evaluation.

Prospect: OT J’Marion Gooch

Projected Position: Offensive Tackle

Status: SI All-American candidate

Vitals: 6-foot-8, 350 pounds

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School: Seymour (Tenn.) The King’s Academy
Committed to: Auburn

Frame: Long, tall, massive frame capability to add definition to upper and lower half.

Athleticism: Bends well for his tall frame and exhibits quickness to get to the second level effectively at the high school level, as he is purposeful in his movements. He finishes with power in the run game, despite poor pad height.

Instincts: He is quick to disengage and get to the second level to finish blocks and spring long runs. He uses his surprisingly quick footwork to his advantage.

Polish: Gooch needs to improve his ability to leverage defenders and that should come as he improves his pad height. He finishes with power once engaged in blocks, and he is agile for his massive frame. His ability to get to the second level is desirable.

Bottom Line: J’Marion Gooch is a massive individual with surprisingly quick feet and athleticism. Gooch has a natural ability to bend, but he needs to improve his pad height and leverage defenders more often. He has requisite length, and he finishes with power at the second level, and he has a high ceiling as a tackle. He projects as a Power 5 starter.