Just In: Tennessee LB Aaron Beasley Suspended Indefinitely

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Following reports alleging Aaron Beasley in an animal abuse case, he has been suspended indefinitely, according to a Tennessee spokesperson.

"We have received the incident report from the Knoxville Police Department. Aaron Beasley has been suspended indefinitely from all football team activities as we await further information."

Beasley's name surfaced in a Go Fund Me for a kitten on Facebook, claiming he inflicting serious injury on the cat. 

"I came home this morning to find my 6 month old kitten under a dresser hiding and not letting anyone touch him. When I picked him up he screamed and couldn’t walk, come to find out my roomates boyfriend had hit and kicked him, locked him in the toilet bowl, and held him upside down by his tail. We rushed Nugget to the emergency room and he has brain damage and will now have a hard time walking, he has a bleeding hemorrhage on his kidney caused from internal bleeding from being kicked, clots in his bladder, and he is currently in an oxygen tank."

Tennessee has now had five players suspended indefinitely pending investigation in the past two months.