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A Look at Tennessee's Early 2022 Offensive Skill Prospects as September 1st Approaches

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September 1st is a big day for Juniors in the high school recruiting world, as college coaches can begin calling players directly. It is always tough to predict exactly who will be on the list, but there are several names we feel confident about that we are going to share in a three-part series. 


Tennessee has a unique situation at quarterback with the 2022 class. They have sent out offers to two legacy prospects in Kaden Martin (Tee Martin and Braden Davis (Antone Davis), in addition to coveted in-state prospect Ty Simpson, and Peach State standout Sam Horn.

Simpson- The talented prospect will certainly be one that receives a call from the Vols, as he has long been their top offensive target in the 2022 class. He is arguably one of the most important in-state targets in the last five years. The Vols will face stiff competition for him, as Clemson will be a factor, and Auburn is a team that covets his skillset. Simpson has been impressed with the Tennessee staff, and the Vols were believed to be a heavy favorite to land him over the summer. He has now slowed his recruitment down, but Tennessee remains in a solid position. 

Horn- If I was picking now, I believe Horn would be the number two target on the board at the position. It is a pretty safe bet to assume he will receive a September 1st call. He has extensive ties to Tennessee, with multiple family members being alumni or currently enrolled. At the time of the offer in May, Horn told VR2 on SI, "I was actually golfing with my brother when I called coach Neidermeyer, and he pretty much told me straight up that they are offering me. My brother was the first to know and was super happy, then I texted my mom, and she was also very excited. My other brother found out and texted quickly too."

Davis and Martin- Both of the legacy prospects could certainly factor into this class. Martin's baseball success makes his football recruitment even more interesting. He could get drafted out of high school, so will he choose to focus on football? That is a decision his family will have to take a long look at. He now holds 15 or more offers to play both sports at the next level. Davis' recruitment is on more of a national scale because of his geographic location. Several schools are in the mix, and it is unclear if Tennessee will try to make a run at him, given the ties with the other prospects, who are much closer in proximity. It is still safe to say they both will hear from the Vols. 


Jordan James- The Oakland High School (Tenn.) standout has been a longtime target for the Vols. He is one of the more complete backs in the class. James will continue to be a priority moving for Tennessee. Earlier this year, James had this to say. "I enjoyed my last visit to Tennessee. I enjoyed meeting coach (Jay) Graham, and I look forward to getting to know him more as I start to narrow down my schools. I feel like a have a great relationship with Tee Martin. We stay in contact a lot, which shows me I'm a priority." Now, Martin and Graham will be able to initiate said contact and show James how much of a priority he is. Several other schools will be in contact here as well. 

Tevin White- White is a prospect who gets downhill at you in a hurry. He has shown serious interest in the Vols in recent months, and he even made a trip to campus during the shutdown to look around on his own. He had this to say following the visit, "It was great. I loved seeing the campus. It gave me an “old/ new feel” to me, which I like. Luckily, because we (White's Family) planned the visit, UT was prepared with a virtual tour, and I got to see some of the facilities which were amazing, especially because I heard great things about their facilities. I also talked to Coach Osovet over the phone just to check in and talk to each other."

Another name to at least keep an eye on at the position is Oak Ridge (Tenn.) standout Kendall Jackson

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The Vols may not have to look far at this position. They have not sent out a vast number of offers, but they have several in-state prospects in, Taylor Groves, Isaiah Horton, Cam Miller, Kaydin Pope, and Barion Brown, who will all likely receive a call on September 1st. All of these prospects appear to be high on Tennessee in the early stages of their recruitment, and they should receive a call from Tennessee on Tuesday. 


Tennessee's 2021 class at this position is going to make it interesting with how the Vols recruit the position in 2022. Bennett Christian is a legacy prospect, who is actually set to announce between Tennessee and Ohio State on September 1st, and it appears the Vols are not the favorite to land him at this point. 

A couple of names to know here are Carson Gay from Boyd-Buchanan (Tenn.) and Jaleel Skinner out of Greer High School in South Carolina. Both have verbal offers and have expressed interest in Tennessee early on. 


We will include athletes in this portion of the breakdown, as it is already the longest one of the series. 

Tennessee has several intriguing names to know here. Tommy Winton (Knoxville Catholic) is right in the Vols backyard, and he has had an offer for a while. He could play at multiple positions, and if Tennessee chooses to push, there most serious competition appears to be in the form of ACC schools. 

Another Vol legacy makes the list in Dallan Hayden. The son of former Tennessee running back Aaron Hayden, Dallan is making waves to start his junior season as a running back. However, Tennessee has recruited him as a defensive back, but he could make an impact on either side of the ball at the college level. 

A couple of other names to know in this group are Malaki Starks and Omari Kelly. 

Featured Image credit to Stephanie Amador of the Jackson Sun