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Elite PF Huntley-Hatfield Includes Vols in Shortlist of Favorites, Shares Latest in SI All-American Blog

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Brandon Huntley-Hatfield is one of the top prospects in the country, regardless of position or class. He has now trimmed his list to eight schools, and Tennessee is right among them.

Huntley-Hatfield released the list on Instagram, inlcuding Ole Miss, Wake Forest, Virginia Tech, Louisville, Kansas, Auburn, Tennessee and Georgia.

Huntley-Hatfield recently told VR2 on SI about Tennessee, "(it's) just how consistent they were—once they started to develop an interest in me— always giving me good and bad feedback, constructive criticism."

He added during that interview earlier this month, "I always wanted Tennessee as one of my colleges, and they are close to home."

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Now, the Vols have made another cut in his list of schools, which appears to be a true work in progress. It had been widely conceived that he was a lock to Kentucky, but Huntley-Hatfield dismissed that in his recent blog, and he has now taken the Wildcats off of his list of favorites.

Following the release of his top schools yesterday, he blogged about the list on SI All-American. He said, "I felt like it was time to move forward with these schools just with everything going on with the coronavirus and the high school season maybe being delayed. These were the schools who have been in contact with me the most and the ones I felt the most comfortable with. They’ve been hanging in there with me from the beginning and they’re all in the south and close to home. Plus, I feel like these eight schools are the ones that best compliment my game."

If Huntley-Hatfield chooses the Vols in the end, it will be because of the potential to be developed in Rick Barnes' program. Huntley-Hatfield told VR2 on SI about Tennessee's appeal, "being able to play my game, playing all over the floor and having the freedom to develop and them training me to be a pro."

He has settled on a decision timeline, and if he will reclassify or not. In his blog, Huntley-Hatfield said, "As of right now, my plan is to commit on my younger sister Danielle’s birthday on January 21. If I’m not ready at that time, then I’ll just take my hold off and take my time. I’m still planning to stay in the 2022 class, so I don’t have to rush anything. I’m looking at everything at this point, everything from who else they’re recruiting at my position and who they already have at my position and things like that. I don’t feel like I’ll make another cut; I think I’ll make a decision from this list."