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WATCH: 2021 Tennessee target Tyrion Ingram-Dawkins talks recruitment, UT-South Carolina and more

The Gaffney (S.C.) product and SI All-American candidate is the no. 1 prospect in South Carolina, and for good reason. We caught up with him on September 26 after a 33-23 win for Dawkins and the Indians.

 According to Newton’s Second Law of Motion, force equals mass times acceleration.

If Sir Isaac Newton could’ve seen into the future, he would’ve written that rule for one specific person: Tyrion Ingram-Dawkins.

The 6-foot-3 Tennessee target and SI All-American candidate added 60 pounds of size and speed to his frame this offseason, shifting Dawkins from his previous spot at strong-side defensive end to an interior spot: defensive tackle. 

Coupled with a late start to the 2020 season, the position switch seemed to have an effect on Dawkins in the first half.

But in the third quarter, the senior flipped the switch to show exactly why he’s considered one of the top prospects in the Palmetto State.

Dawkins racked up more than five sacks with a batted ball on Friday night, as his Gaffney Indians took down Boiling Springs 33-23.

After the win, he caught up with VR2 on SI to discuss his recruitment, UT-South Carolina, a possible NFL comparison and much more.

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Watch the full video above for all the insight, and check out Dawkins’ SI All-American evaluation below.

(Photo credit: Jake Nichols for VR2 on SI)

Prospect: Tyrion Ingram-Dawkins
Status: SI All-American Candidate
Vitals: 6-foot-5, 298 pounds
Position: Defensive Tackle
School: Gaffney (S.C.)
Schools of Interest: South Carolina, Tennessee, Penn State, North Carolina, Georgia and Florida State.
Projected Position: Defensive Tackle

Frame: Big and tall. Adequate width and mass across upper body. Long, powerful arms. Thick, tightly-wound thighs and trunk with developing calves. Ample room for more mass and muscle.

Athleticism: Strong, fluid and explosive. Overwhelms high-school linemen with power. Moves like player 30 pounds smaller, with quick feet and flexible hips. Impressive speed and burst in box and open field.

Instincts: Extremely physical. Regularly first off the ball. Gets into linemen’s chest with long arms, winning matchups almost before they begin. Sheds blockers with frightening ease if engaged post-snap. Effective in pursuit from backside; never gives up on play.

Polish: Takes full advantage of arm length, strength. Hand-fighting needs work. Fires out low, but tendency to play upright. Raw pass-rusher who relies on tools; must add, develop technique.

Bottom Line: Ingram-Dawkins possesses every physical attribute recruiters look for from defensive linemen. Already versatile enough to play multiple roles in different schemes, and will only grow more so with additional weight and strength. Projects as multi-year impact starter and eventual NFL draft pick.