The Power Four? A Song by Orgeron? BYU or BYE? Miami Tropical Storms? Why Not?

Herb Gould

You’ve got questions. I’ve got. . . questions, too.

It may seem strange to say, but I have the feeling that Jim Harbaugh will always control his own destiny—no matter how many games he wins or loses.

I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again. The only people who should wear all-white are Penn State and Colonel Sanders.

Note to BTN studio host Mike Hall. . . Love the knowledge and enthusiasm. But use your Inside Voice. Please!

What do you think of the latest Maxwell Award Watch?

The National Weather Service is not expected to downgrade the Miami Hurricanes to the Tropical Storms. Yet.

Now that Illinois has beaten Wisconsin, does that make the Illini Minnesota’s best win? Or is it still Nebraska? Or was it always Fresno State?

True or false: Clemson is the only thing standing in the way of the Power Four and the Group of Six.

Wouldn’t it be cool if Lovie Smith put on a red suit and slid down the chimney on Dec. 24?

If it was up to me, I would stop hiring Nick Saban assistants in hopes of beating him. Seems like 0-18 is a pattern.

And by the way, if Saban really wanted to prove his greatness as a coach, he would take the Rutgers job.

Did you hear that, Urban Meyer?

I don’t like to admit this, but I am not absoutely certain how to pronounce ``Dabo Swinney’’ correctly.

Not exactly sure how to pronounce ``Ed Orgeron,’’ either. But that’s about the consonants, not the vowels.

How much would you pay to hear Ed Orgeron sing Fly Me to the Moon?

It would be so Pac-12 if Oregon now lost to USC. But even more Pac-12 if the Ducks lost to Oregon State.

I would rather have Brian Kelly as my chief of staff than my campaign manager.

If Mark Dantonio was a state trooper and he stopped me, I would go all Eddie Haskell on him.

Texas and Texas A&M should play each other every year. Period. But no concealed carry at the game, please.

Why is it that when Georgia loses to South Carolina, it’s because South Carolina is good? But when Wisconsin loses to Illinois, it’s because Wisconsin is bad?

Does it bother you that Notre Dame is French for Our Lady, but the nickname is Fighting Irish? Or is it just one of those things? Like when someone told Yogi Berra that the mayor of Dublin was Jewish and he said, ``Only in America.’’

Whenever I see BYU on a schedule, it reminds me of the woman who called the ticket office wanting to buy tickets for the BYE game.

If we’re going to allow coaches to use those annoying and unsportsmanlike Ice the Kicker timeouts, we should allow kickers to call Ice the Coach timeouts. . . Headset turned off until after the next snap!

Which came first? The nifty G on Georgia’s helmets? Or the nifty G on the Green Bay Packers’ helmets?

Whenever I hear that Kirby Smart, who used to be the next Nick Saban, is now being called the new Mark Richt, I wonder what Mark Richt thinks of that.

L.A. Story: Are Chip Kelly and Clay Helton saying hello when it’s time to say goodbye?

Will Kirk Ferentz have the courage to fire Brian Ferentz? If so, how will that Christmas dinner go?

What happens in Boise stays in Boise.

If I could choose a basketball/football coach tandem to play golf or have dinner with, Kansas is a no-brainer. Les Miles and Bill Self. Especially syllable for syllable.

I think it’s really cool that Scott Frost’s brother Steve is the Stanford P.A. announcer. But if they didn’t look so similar, I would wonder if one of them was adopted.