A JERSEY GUY: Why LSU Will Win Nat Champ? Because We Told You--In August

Mark Blaudschun

NEW ORLEANS--This is supposed to be a fun, pre-game story before the CFP national championship game here on Monday night.

It is supposed to be a guess, of course, as all things must be BEFORE they happen.

Not this year, and not without considerable waffling on our part. Clemson is really, really good. And tough and has been to the national championship game (and won) before--like last season

But Clemson won't win, because A JERSEY GUY picked LSU to win in TMG's annual pre-season Top 16 countdown.

We did this in August. We also said the Tigers would come through the side-door as an at-large SEC team, rather than an SEC champion. We were wrong. Coach O's team never stumbled once through 13 games and then a playoff win--which we did predict.

You can look it up--in August.

Now it's crunch time. LSU wins and the Tigers are national champions, which we predicted early, meaning that even a blind squirrel can find an acorn if he hangs around a tree long enough.

And we will go out and even make a score--say LSU 31 Clemson 27.


Mark Blaudschun