The routine is part of comedic legend. 

Abbott and  Costello's  "Who's on 1st'' routine is as funny  today as it was 82 years ago when they first performed it for a national radio audience.

It would also seem to be appropriate this week as the Atlantic Coast Conference continues to mishandle the end of its football season with a variety of moves or non moves which is only increasing the chaos in this COVID-19 plagued football season.

The basic question of who's playing whom each week is being decided on a daily, if not hourly, basis.

And even when games are scheduled, their is no certainty that they will be played, with decisions coming as late as the morning of the game.

Case in point, Florida State, which has called off its home games against Clemson and Virginia the past two Saturday's on the morning of the game--almost 24 hours AFTER both visiting teams have arrived in Tallahassee.

The travel costs are considerable--in the neighborhood of $300,000 per visiting school.

It is pointless and perhaps a bit unfair this season to assign specific blame.

But it must stop--now.

The ACC--and we are talking about lame-duck commissioner John Swofford--must step in an make two announcements.

1. From this point on, NO teams will travel UNTIL they get the Friday test results back. Currently, the ACC has a 24 hour lag time on tests, which seems too long in the case of traveling.

The SEC conducts tests Friday morning and has them back before teams leave for their road games on Friday afternoon.

2. Create a league-wide COVID fund for unexpected costs. In the case of the 600,000 in expenses incurred by Clemson and Virginia, a contribution of 40,000 by each of the 15 conference schools will cover it.

Both Clemson and  Virginia  should get most of their money back.

The other major issue facing the ACC is which two teams will participate in the title game in Charlotte on Dec. 19.

Right now it looks like a lock for a Clemson vs. Notre Dame rematch.

Miami has an outside shot if Clemson were to lose a game, while the Hurricanes won the remainder of their games.

But there is a problem. Miami is not scheduled to finish its regular season until a Dec. 19th make up game with Georgia Tech.

The only problem is that the ACC title game is also on the  19th and can't and won't be moved.,

There really is no solution here. The best the Canes can hope is that they finish with one loss, and get the ACC bowl bid in the Orange Bowl.  

With only Virginia Tech and maybe Florida State remaining, Clemson can finish can finish with a 9-1 record and would win the tie-breaker against Miami because of a regular season victory over the Hurricanes.

There is no simple solution to the scheduling snafus in the ACC, but some future angst can be avoided if Commissioner Swofford steps up and makes some executive decisions.

There will be more consequences in the next few weeks.

Don't be surprised if both Wake Forest and Florida State shut their football operations down for the season in the next several days.

Wake's game with Miami was postponed this week and a game scheduled against Notre Dame on Dec. 12 is not likely to happen if Clemson's game against Florida State is not rescheduled.

FSU has now had its last three games postponed and it seems very unlikely that it will attempt to play its final game against Clemson next week.