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The good news coming out of the Atlantic Coast Conference spring meetings in Florida last week was that the financial per school was in the $35 million range.

 Boosted by the slowly-growing presence of the ACC television network, the signs of life in this (hopefully) post pandemic era were encouraging.

Money always talks, especially in an era which is now being consumed by transfer portal and Names, Image and Licensing issues.

The problem for Boston College, as it has been for the past 10 years in varying degrees,  is lack of leadership.

With the departure of athletic director Pat Kraft for Penn State, Boston College is again in a directional roundabout.

The athletic season may be winding down--but it is hardly a tranquil period in college football, basketball and in the overall change in the infrastructure, starting with the NCAA.

BC has been part of the ACC since 2005 and has yet to leave a footprint in the conference.

With Kraft's departure, which came a little less than two years after Martin Jarmond left for UCLA, the money-making phase of BC athletics--AD, football and basketball --has had 3 ADS, two football and 3 basketball coaches in the past 9 years.

That's not a formula for success. 

And now with major changes involving NIL and transfer portal issues, as well changes in structure, the BC voice is absent.

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People at The Heights say that there IS a sense of urgency and that someone will be named in the next few weeks.

Let's hope so.

BC athletics needs a make over, needs to trim some sports and add one (men's lacrosse).

But it needs a voice who has some impact in the ACC. 

One of former AD Gene DeFilippo's strengths was in his ability to get BC president Father William Leahy to stay out of much of the athletic business of BC, as well as having access and clout within the conference level. 

That factor no longer exists and that has been part of the reason BC is even more mired in the ACC bottom tier.

The Eagles will never be a leader in the ACC, but they should have a voice that commands attention and respect.

Choosing the right person is absolutely essential to success in football and basketball.

The latest whispering from The Heights has Army athletic director Mike Buddie and former Miami athletic director Blake James as the leading contenders.

Either would appear to be a positive choice, but with Father Leahy still having the final veto power it is foolish to speculate where that will go

What is clear and essential is BC must make a decision, sooner rather than later.