Mark Blaudschun

While the majority of the college football world makes news by making attempts to start the 2020 season, the Big Ten, once again, is creating a storm surge by talking about playing.

Or not playing.

Yes, we know this is a Ground Hog Day story.

There are various elements in the Big Ten which simply will not accept the (Big Ten) Presidents decision last month to suspend fall athletic activities within the conference.

The issue--which also has prompted a lawsuit coming out of Nebraska--has been addressed twice by the Big Ten Presidents and has not dramatically changed.

Over the weekend there was a frenzy of activity (media driven?) when a subcommittee of the conference's competition offered new medical evidence why football should not be started, perhaps soon as the middle of next month.

The only problem with that issue is that there are number of schools (Maryland,  Wisconsin, Michigan State) who are currently shut down from football activities because of the COVID-19 virus.

Other schools such as Rutgers,Northwestern and Michigan remain very hesitant about changing the original decision.

And then there are the coaches such as Ohio State's Ryan Day, Penn State's James Franklin and Michigan's Jim Harbaugh, who have publicly displayed their displeasure with the decision to stop.

All of this is expected to be again voted upon within the next few days, which is the prime reason why the Big Ten is TMG's Newsmaker of the Week.


Mark Blaudschun