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Tony Barnhart, Mr. CFB, and Mark Blaudschun (A Jersey Guy) are college football fans, but each has his own viewpoint on the sport.

Topic: Is there a clear cut choice for No. 1 If Georgia loses a game before the end of the regular season?

Mr. CFB: 

Sometimes, Jersey Guy, you just make this too easy.

First of all, I don't think Georgia is going to lose before the SEC championship game on Dec. 4 in Atlanta. Florida could give them a scare on Saturday in Jacksonville. But I don't think the Gators will. The Tennessee passing game could put pressure on the Georgia secondary, which is good but not great. The rest of the defense is great.

But if Georgia were to lose in the coming weeks, the obvious No. 1 team is the University of Alabama.

The new human polls released on Sunday both had Cincinnti at No. 2 and Alabama at No. 3. And that's fine for now. But the Bearcats did struggle against a bad Navy team. Just keep that in mind.

Bottom line: I just don't see the CFP selection committee (which will release its first set of rankings on Nov. 2) moving Cincinnati to No. 1. I love the Bearcats and hope they make the playoffs. But No. 1?

I see your point about Ohio State, which is starting to  heat up. I expect them to boat race Penn State on Saturday and roll into the Big Ten championship game at 11-1 (the only loss was at home to Oregon).

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But not No. 1. We said it weeks ago and nothing has changed. Georgia and Alabama are the best two teams in college football. And if Georgia loses between now and Atlanta, Alabama returns to the No. 1 spot. 

Don't make it complicated, Big Guy.

A Jersey Guy:

What a surprise, Mr. CFB. An SEC team as No. 1.

I will give you this, Alabama would be a reasonable pick if your Dawgs come up short--perhaps on Saturday against those hated Gators.

But I will argue that a gathering steam Ohio State could be worthy, especially if the Buckeyes roll over Penn State on Saturday as expected.

I could even argue that if Michigan stays unbeaten and crushes unbeaten Michigan State. the Wolverines should get some consideration.

Unbeaten is still unbeaten--at least during the regular season--and even teams such as Oklahoma and Cincinnati if they post huge victories should be looked out.

So a Georgia loss--which probably won't happen--is no guarantee that the next SEC team gets moved into the top spot.