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He was yesterday's news last year. The once highly-touted Nebraska quarterback who kept finding ways to help his team lose--rather than win--games was the knock on Adrian Martinez.

Finally, with Husker head coach facing dismissal, Martinez also had enough and transferred to Kansas State of all places.

The seldom Big 12 contending Wildcats seemed a good place for Martinez to fade away.

Well, not exactly. 

Martinez is doing what he did at Nebraska most of time, which was being a .very talented quarterback.

And on Saturday against an Oklahoma team which had just demolished Nebraska, Martintez tangled with the Sooners in Norman--and won.

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All he did was run for 148 yards and four touchdowns and pass for 234 yards and another score in a stunning 41-34 victory over the No. 6 ranked Sooners.

"Absolutely, beating a team like this, on a team like this, it's a special feeling and one I've never had in my career,'' said Martinez.

For that, and for his overall presence in reviviving Kansas State--the Wildcats are 3-1--Martinez is TMG's Newsmaker of the Week, which begs another question:

"Why can't Nebraska get QB's like that?""