The Ivy League will announce later this afternoon that it will shut down its fall sports, but according to sources within the conference, it is not expected to make an announcement on a restart time.

There still remains the strong possibility that it could play the 2020 college football season next spring, but it could also simply wait until next September to resume, eliminating this season.

"The feeling is that once we made the decision to postpone fall sports, we will have some time to assess the situation (pandemic) before making a decision about playing next spring,'' said one Ivy League source.

The timetable for all of this should all be revealed within the next few hours as the coaches are first informed of the move and will then notify their players. An official announcement by the Ivy League is expected later this evening.

The trickle down effect of an Ivy decision will no doubt be felt by other FCS schools who are on the Ivy football schedule in non-conference games.

There is also a concern among FCS administrators of how schools who play in multiple leagues in various sports will handle a situation in which one athletic teams plays in a conference which has shut down, while another plays in a conference which continues to compete.