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Some people say he is done, his time and his methods have come and gone and he will now morph into a college football ex-coach/analyst role in television.

Others say, "Not, so fast my friend. This is still after all a college football coach who won national championships at two different schools and has never really failed in reviving programs.

There, of course, is lots of extra baggage that comes with the Urban Meyer coaching package.

It is still a wee bit early in the coaching carousel saga which unfolds every year in college football. And Meyer, the ex-national championship winning coach at Florida and Ohio State, is saying how happy he is to be back with Fox covering, rather than coaching college football.


 there are openings at Nebraska and Arizona State. There may be more in other places such as Auburn and Colorado, where discontent is brewing.

And yes, Meyer would fit into all of those places simply because he has credentials that few other coaches have. He is a force of nature, someone who can not be, will not be ignored.

And he wins.

Forget the disaster in the NFL with Jacksonville. That doesn't count and won't ever be repeated.

But Meyer left both Florida and Ohio State, where he won national championships, with investigations and allegations and character issues involving not only the players he recruited, but the way he went about his business.

Such is the price of success in some areas.

For now, let's look at the two VACANT jobs--Nebraska and Arizona State

Nebraska is a sad story. The one-time CFB super power (look it up on Google) has become worse than mediocre in the Big 10. The Huskers have become irrelevant.

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The hiring and extending (the contract) of former Husker quarterback Scott Frost was a failure, which led to his firing two weeks ago and has now created chaos in Lincoln.

Even worse there is a lack of talent.

Hiring Meyer would be a quick fix. But will the loyal Husker fans and the administration like the journey to some dark areas, which are part of the Meyer profile.

Meyer has denied he is interested--an expected and especially in September. What the answer will be in December if he is asked, is another matter.

But Meyer would immediately make Nebraska relevant and a winner--but at what cost?

The better long term fits would be Iowa State's . Matt Campbell or Kentucky's Mark Stoops, both solid coaches who have built strong programs.  But is Nebraska a better job? 

Right now, it is not, which is again an amazing statement.

Arizona State

The Herman Edwards NFL experiment is now over. It did not work and athletic director/GM Ray Anderson may also soon be a casualty.

There are NCAA allegations as well, but overall this isn't a bad situation. The Pac-12 emains in a state of flux as does ASU's future as a member or as part of the Big 12.

Either way, it could be and should be a very good job, and a job that Meyer could probably fit into very easily with a fast track of success.

For now, we will not over speculate on the other potential openings--until they do open.

But the most intriguing scenario would be Meyer returning to the Southeastern Conference at Auburn, a not only SEC, but cross state rival with Auburn.

Stay tuned.