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The kick wobbled through the uprights, a 40-yard knuckle ball which turned Neyland Stadium into bedlam, a moment created by Tennessee's remarkable 52-49 game winning field goal over once mighty Alabama.

 ""It wasn't my cleanest hit,'' said Chase McGrath , who was carrying a different burden after a missed extra point earlier in the wild SEC evening.

McGrath spoke with the poise and experience of a six-year senior, who had seen his share of magic moments.

Indeed, he had, which should come as no surprise to TMG fans. 

Hit the replay button and go back five years to Sept. of 2017 and change the scene to USC, where Chase McGrath, a walk on kicker for the Trojans, provided the gamer winning boot.

The feet feat earned McGrath one of the first TMG Newsmaker of The Week honors, which is why Saturday's game-winning boot was so special, triggering TMG's first repeat Newsmaker of The Week Award.