Professor Tom Luicci's Live Look In At LSU-Clemson

Tom Luicci

Before anything happens on the field, let's just say this about tonight's LSU-Clemson national championship game: These are the two most deserving teams in the country for this game.

​Like a lot of you, I'll be following the action on TV. Most of what gets written here probably won't age well, but that seems to work for everyone else on Twitter.

​One cranky old man complaint before anything happens:

Review is killing college football. Killing it. There's no flow any more, the action is constantly interrupted and the calls seem to come down to a coin flip. Not sure we are eliminating human error as much as we are highlighting it now. At this point give me no review as opposed to what we have now. I mean it.

​Thanks for following this season. Hopefully you benefited from the picks throughout the year: 49-39-2 vs. the spread during the regular season and 22-17 vs. the spread after picking every bowl game.


* Disappointing national championship game overall. Thought Clemson would give a better account of itself.

* Now we know why Dabo was downplaying this Clemson team: Beat one decent team all year.

* Just going to go ahead and say it: This LSU team is one of the five best of all time. Unstoppable offense.

* Trevor Lawrence fumble ends it. LSU -- as if you didn't know by reading this site all season -- is officially the best team in the country. No doubt about it after the first quarter, either.

* OMG. There is going to be a Season 3 of Fansville by Dr. Pepper? Please. No.

* Joe Burrow putting the finishing touches on one of the five best seasons by a quarterback in college football history.

* So are we now thinking that the ACC wasn't the best preparation for Clemson this year?

* College football needs new TV commercials for its championship game, like the Super Bowl has.

* Not seeing any of those hot takes on Twitter any more about Brent Venables dominating this game with his genius.

* Can we just erase any trace of the Pac-12 being involved in the national championship in any way, shape or form? Worst officiated Power 5 league in the country sends its crew to the title game. Makes sense.

* Sure seems like a lot of long, crossfield throws for Trevor Lawrence tonight.

* Would the 4.5 percent of Heisman voters who did not have Joe Burrow on their ballots please identify yourself? We'd like to see what real football stupidity looks like. 42-25 LSU now.

* This is where that demanding ACC schedule should pay dividends for Clemson.


* LSU winning the battle of committing the most stupid penalties.

* LSU doesn't have a screen pass in its playbook?

​* ESPN's top 11 players of all time stinks. Barry Sanders was an all-time NFL Great. An all-timer in the sport, no question. And he had the greatest single season rushing year in the history of the sport. But it was ONE year. He didn't even start the previous two years. Not like he led Oklahoma State to a national title -- or even a major bowl game. And where are the players from the past 10 years? None. No O.J. Simpson either? Come on.

* Tough break for Clemson on that targeting call. I get the rule. I know it's targeting because he led with the helmet. But a game ejection in this instance seems excessive. Rule needs a major off-season review and tweaking.

​* Seven second delay by the official on that pass interference call, nullifying an INT for LSU.

* A screen pass from LSU. Wow.

* This is the most erratic and off balance Trevor Lawrence has looked in quite some time.

* Through three quarters. LSU's 35-25 lead still does not seem like enough, especially if Trevor Lawrence gets untracked.


*I generally like Kenny Mayne's work but his TV commercials tonight suck.

* Dabo opts for the long field goal this time and it pays off. Guess he got tired of playing field position.

​* Never knew LSU even had a punter before tonight.

* Clemson is very good. But the rest of the ACC is still awful.

* Has USA Today's Dan Wolken tweeted a ridiculously stupid hot take yet? Not following the expert on everything in the galaxy tonight.

* My back hurts from that hit.

* 72 degrees indoors, no humidity, and a Clemson player cramps up just as LSU's fast-paced offense is rolling? Sure. Miraculous recovery though.

* Where are all the hot takes about Brent Venables being a genius and dominating this game? 21-17, LSU.

* Pac-12 officials will get a key call right tonight. Just by the percentages they have to, right?

* The Venables ass kissing by Herbstreit and Fowler has to stop. 28-17 LSU now.

* LSU closes the half looking like the Kansas City Chiefs after being down 17-7. Twenty-one straight points heading into halftime.


* Kirk Herbstreit is wearing his Ohio State tie. Chris Fowler went for the more neutral blue.

* Will refrain from any political commentary and will stick to football. Promise.

* Any intro with the Rolling Stones as the background music is a good intro.

* Pac-12 officials tonight, because why not?

* Have to respect the early aggressiveness by Clemson. Clearly a team that has been here before.

* No long FG try? Punt and field position now for Clemson? That can be a dangerous choice with LSU's offense. We'll see how it turns out.

* Joe Burrow. Wow. Even if the play was nullified by a penalty it was a spectacular one. Bengals don't deserve him.

* Only positive about the end of college football: The end of Dr. Pepper commercials.

* Give college teams two weeks off like this and you get a punt-a-thon to start.

* So far, Clemson looks faster and more athletic. Shocking to say that for a team playing LSU.

* Just like that. Joe Burrow. 7-7.

* Clemson with the first quarter advantage based on play, even though the score is tied.


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