Interview with UCF Football commitment Keahnist Thompson

After Wednesday’s practice, UCF Football commitment and Lakeland defensive end Keahnist Thompson discussed his goals for this season, what motivates him, and playing with Gabe Dindy with Inside The Knights.
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After winning one of the school’s biggest recruiting battles of the year to land Keahnist Thompson, UCF Football will still be signing the same down to earth and level-headed young man that he was before his official visits began.The laid back and quiet Thompson took 15 minutes to talk some football and do an interview with Inside The Knights.

Keahnist Thompson

Vitals: 6’4”, 260-pounds

Position: Defensive End

Recruiting: Committed to UCF

Lavaughn Brown, Gabe Dindy, and Keahnist Thompson - Defensive Line - Lakeland (Fla.) High School

Lavaughn Brown, Gabe Dindy, and Keahnist Thompson, Lakeland (Fla.) High School

Give me some goals that you have for this upcoming season, man. Anything stat-wise, or personal goals that you have on the football field for Lakeland.

“Really, the goal is to get my respect back,” Thompson started out saying about his recruiting rankings. “You know, they had taken a star from me. I feel like it was unfair. So, I am trying to get my stats up this season and show everybody that they need to respect me.

Which one? Was it Rivals or 247? 

“Um, I know it was 247 but I’m not sure about Rivals though.”

You told me that you’re up to about 260 back in the locker room. Are you doing anything different, or is your weight just not something you worry about right now?

“Yeah, I’m not really worried about it right now because I know I’m going to be heavy; that’s just genetics.”

How big are your parents?

“Yeah, they’re tall," Thompson said with a smile.

So, you still have a chance to be a little bigger?

“Yes sir.”

Keahnist Thompson, Defensive End, Lakeland (Fla.) High School

Keahnist Thompson, Defensive End, Lakeland (Fla.) High School

Are you going to play inside and outside this fall? For example, are you going to play defensive tackle on like third down and eight? 

“I’m going to play more defensive end. You know, if coach wants to throw me at defensive tackle then it will happen. I will probably play a little bit of tight end, not as much as the other years though because I’m mainly focusing on defensive end for right now.”

Explain what it’s like to people about practicing on a daily basis with defensive end Gabe Dindy.

“It’s fun. You know he brings a lot of energy. I remember the first time I saw him. I mean, he’s always been big like that. Like, it’s crazy. It’s fun to practice with him. He’s aggressive and everything is cool.”

Final Thoughts

Thompson is a reserved young man. The only time he provides high praise would be for his teammates. He's a quality guy for being like that. As for football, Thompson allows his actions on the gridiron to speak for him. Considering how well Thompson moved during lifting, practice, and conditioning earlier today, his actions speak very loud. 

It was shocking to hear Thompson state that he’s up to 260-pounds. He simply does not look like he’s gained weight, nor does he move any different than he did earlier this spring. As for UCF, he’s locked in with the Knights. Now all Thompson needs to do is play his senior season for Lakeland High School and then enroll for the spring or summer semester and he will be a part of the UCF Football program.

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