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Michai Hill Ready to Visit UCF Football

As the UCF football program evolves, more and more prospects from outside of Florida will want to check out the Knights. One of those prospects, Michai Hill, will be visiting UCF football Monday.

The state of Georgia continuously produces defensive linemen. Whether it's an interior defensive lineman or an edge rusher, the Peach State provides schools across the country with top defensive linemen.

One of the class of 2022 defensive ends that has caught the attention of UCF would be Michai Hill. The Newton (Ga.) High School product is known for getting after the quarterback, and that’s something just about every college football program needs more of moving forward. Here's a look at Hill's junior film.

Listed at 6'2" and 230-pounds, the main reason Hill is being recruited would be his edge pass rushing skills, along with his self-reported 3.6 grade point average. As for recruiting, Hill is going to be a busy young man. Along with some of his family, he already drove down to Orlando in preparation for seeing UCF.

“It’s an unofficial visit,” Hill said of his trek to UCF’s Orlando campus. “Just drive down here (and get a look around). Hill has spoken with UCF Defensive Ends Coach Kenny Ingram for a considerable amount of time, and he’s curious to meet the rest of the UCF coaching staff and see the facilities.

Hill was direct when discussing his UCF interest by saying, “Just the coaches, and like the way they make you feel. You’re part of the family. Coach Ingram is always calling or he’s always texting, talking about family. So, it’s just the family aspect of the recruiting process is just something that’s really big for me. That would probably be my biggest thing (for UCF interest).”

As for Coach Ingram specifically, this is what Hill had to say. “He just always makes you feel like he cares about you.” He’s a really chill guy, you know. He’ll text me back whenever he can. If I have a question for him, he’ll text me back in 10, 15 minutes. He’s always there.” Hill has other visits in June already lined up as well.

I got Virginia Tech on the 11th (of June). That’s an unofficial (visit). Then I got Syracuse on the 18th (of June), which is (an) official (visit).

When asked about other possible visits for June or in the fall, Hill provided a concrete answer. “No, not right now. Those visits, (UCF, Virginia Tech and Syracuse), are all I got right now.”

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When it comes to the offer list, Hill mentioned the following schools: “UCF, USF, Syracuse, Virginia Tech, Georgia Tech, Georgia Southern, Georgia State, Yale, Air Force, Army...I think that’s pretty much it. I only have fifteen (offers). Eastern Carolina, Austin Peay, Liberty and Buffalo.”

As for recruiting leaders, it’s a little early to name any. Hill discussed UCF, East Carolina, Virginia Tech and Georgia Southern as schools he’s definitely interested in, but he’s still keeping his options open, and that’s why he’s still communicating with several programs. That much was quite clear. We shall see how his UCF visit goes and gauge his interest throughout the summer.

College coaches are obviously interested in the Peach State pass rusher, and here’s what Hill said about his skillset and mindset that prompted 15 offers to date.

“I feel like I’m just a humble player. You won’t see me doing too much trash talking or anything. I just let my play talk for me. Like I know how good I am. Like if somebody comes to me and tells me I’m not good, I’m not going to sit there and argue with them. I’m very self-motivated. I stay in the gym; I stay on the field (to get better).”

Speaking of getting better, Hill has 2021 goals to surpass last season. “I at least want to get double-digit sacks this year because I was like two sacks off (from reaching 10 sacks) last year.” Hill also discussed a team goal.

“We didn’t make it past the first round (of the playoffs) last year, and I want to at least make it past the first round this year.” The state of Georgia has plenty of excellent competition, so Hill and his Newton High School teammates will likely be challenged again this fall come playoff time.

Overall, Hill is the type of recruit that UCF has developed over the years into a big-time player. He will be making his visit to UCF on Monday, and he’s just getting the recruiting process started. He’s used to playing against top competition and he’s a very academically motivated young man as well, so there could be more scholarship offers headed Hill’s way. Let’s see how he enjoys the UCF unofficial visit, including meeting and communicating with Defensive Coordinator Travis Williams and Head Coach Gus Malzahn for the first time, and reconvene from there.

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