Anthony Harris Won't Be Ready For UNC's Opener

Guard hasn't been released for full practice participation
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UNC point guard Anthony Harris had a rough freshman season last year. He started a month late, recovering from surgery on the ACL in his left knee, which he tore in high school. He finally made his UNC debut in December and, just a handful of game in, tore the ACL in his right knee in early January, missing the rest of the year.

Harris has worked to rehab the injury, but Roy Williams confirmed he won’t be ready for the opening game, on Wednesday of next week.

“No he will not play next Wednesday,” Williams said, “but he’s starting to get more involved. But he’s not completely been released (medically) yet.”

Francis has been doing work on his own, but he’s not fully participating in practice.

“He’s doing some things,” Williams said. “He’s not doing anything full court. He’s doing some things in half court, some things dummy. The medical people will tell me when he’s ready to go. When he does that, then we’ll get him back into the full court up and down five-on-five stuff.”

Without Francis, the point guard spot will be in the hands of two freshmen—Caleb Love and RJ Davis.

“RJ has old-school values,” Williams said. “He’s always penetrating, always probing, trying to see what’s happening. He’s a little undersized to play the two, but he’ll play the two some this year. He has a really good feel for how to play the game at the pace I want to play. He has good natural instincts. He’ll play a heck of a lot more.”