Interview with UNC's Biggest Celebrity Fan, Brian McLaughlin

UNC's fan landscape exceeds most collegiate programs with fans that cheer no matter the outcome but there's always one fan that stands amongst the crowd. Here's how comedian Brian 'Bdaht' McLaughlin became a fan and player favorite.
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Welcome to season 2:episode 6 of 'The Player And The Fan' featuring David Noel III and Quierra Luck. We are excited to bring you an official podcast that highlights both elements of sports, the player and the fan. We will be bringing you our viewpoints weekly, featuring various sporting topics and games around the ACC.

On this week's episode, we have one of the most favored Tar Heel mascots to ever unofficially represent UNC, Brian McLaughlin, or as you may affectionally know him, BDaht.

BDaht is one of the hardest working men in show business. His man gig is hosting a morning show in Greensboro, NC, 102Jams from 6 am-10 am Monday through Friday. In addition to radio, he's the PA for his alma mater, Winston Salem State University, hosts countless shows on his Instagram page, and lastly, multiple appearances on MTV's WildnOut... whew! What hasn't he done?!

Being Carolina's biggest fan stems from his childhood and has only grown deeper the older he got. Crediting his step-father, BDaht recalls middle school memories and childhood bets that are anchored to friends that have grown from adolescence to adulthood. He's the fan you see cheering on tv and the voice you hear immediately after games on social media. Win or loss, he exemplifies what it means to be a dedicated fan.

Before we jumped into the interview, David and Quierra discussed the sensitive topic of former Tar Heel and 2009 National Champion, Ty Lawson. On Memorial Day, Lawson revealed on his Instagram Stories his feelings toward his former coach, Roy Williams. The post has since been removed, but it wasn't before countless screenshots and news reporting. Stories ran rapidly without any context or explanation; a situation Quierra believes was done irresponsibly. Discussed at length were fans calling Lawson out his name and berating his character and past. Understandably, it's not squeaky clean, but nor does it deserve to be thrown back in his face.

Laugh, reminisce, and cheer during one of our most comical interviews.

As usual, are you with the player or the fan?

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