Brandon Robinson on Cam Johnson visit, 'He's not the same player we knew'

Quierra Luck

That's what happens when you go pro; nothing is the same. During All-Star week, Cam Johnson made a return back to UNC, and no one could recognize him.

'He is a totally different player. He is way better than he was when he was here. It was insane. Just the speed he was playing at, the things he was doing. I couldn't believe it. It seemed like a whole different player. Like I even told him, 'Man, you are way better than when you were here.' 

Cam Johnson, Luke May, and Kenny Williams all made an appearance back to Dean Dome to show support to their former teammates. Just last year, the duo helped lead UNC to 16-2 in ACC Conference standings, 24-7 overall, and a third-round appearance in the NCAA tournament. 

Cam Johnson became a first-round pick, drafted at number 11 to the Phoenix Suns. Johnson, who is averaging 7.8PPG/2.8RBG, has proved to be a value to the team despite their losing chances for a playoff run. Johnson made news with this dunk over Lakers' JaVale McGee.

Robinson went on further to discuss having his former teammates expressing their support.

"It was good seeing him, Luke, and Kenny. Just seeing guys I have been around for such a long time it feels weird without them around here. So it was good to see them and talk to them. They were telling us to just 'Keep pushing. We are proud of you guys fighting.' It is good to hear that sometimes.'