UNC Commit Drake Maye Final Elite11 Evaluation

Quierra Luck

Elite11 is now over. SI-All American has been doing the dirty work for us, keeping an eye on star QB, Drake Maye. Maye is competing with the likes of Caleb Williams, Ty Thompson and Maddox Kopp; an incredible group of talented kids who are sure to push you to limits to compete at a higher level.

Over the last few days, SI-All American gave updates on each participant. Maye was sluggish the first couple of days but seemed to show flashing of his natural arm talent. The competition is now over and below you will see Maye's complete assessment over the last three days. 

Sports Illustrated All-American graded out every throw by every quarterback throughout the night, using a numerical grading system on a scale of 1-3 with a tiebreaker set at the highest amount of highest-graded throws. A 3 equates to a money throw - timed and thrown accurately. A 2 equates to an all-around solid pass that got to its target with issue. A 1 equates to an uncatchable pass or a mix of factors leading to an incompletion.

Initial assessment:

Drake Maye -- North Carolina Commitment -- Maye measures in at 6-foot-5, 210 pounds, and his long, well-distributed frame is supported by wide set shoulders. He just looks like the prototypical quarterback and still has room to fill out. He also carries himself well, which helped him land on the list.

Day one:

16. Drake Maye - Charlotte (N.C.) Myers Park

The strong arm was on display but not as much as the inconsistency in the short to intermediate routes.

Drake Maye (N.C.) -- North Carolina commitment -- was another guy who was in the top 5 of the pre-camp rankings, but he could not find his form during Day 1. That changed for Maye during the pro-day setting. After a hot start, Maye was most consistent to the third level of the field, and while his footwork lacked at times, his natural arm talent flashed.

Day two:

9. Drake Maye - Charlotte (N.C.) Myers Park

Grade: 2.32, 9 money throws

The North Carolina commitment started hot and remained relatively consistent through the workout. His deep balls were rock solid despite somewhat slow-footed tendencies. Timing wasn’t on par with the best despite the arm talent being right there. Closed the run very well.

Day three:

12. Drake Maye, Charlotte (N.C.) Myers Park

Grade: 1.76

Total throws: 29

Threes: 6

Twos: 10

Ones: 13

Time: 3:04.59

Finished ranking:

13 (tie). Drake Maye - Charlotte (N.C.) Myers Park

Composite Score: 12.33

Day 1 Rank: 16

Day 2 Rank: 9

Day 3 Rank: 12

Maye did finish as an Elite11 QB. The coaching staff determined winners by - 50% junior season film & performance, 50% camp evaluation & traits.

Maye started off slow at the regional camp and through the stations but caught on in a big way Day 2 and held his own on Day 3. His arm was consistently on display, even when the consistent accuracy was not, and his pace on the final day’s work may have been the best of the bunch outside of Vandagriff. The UNC commitment has all the tools to continue to climb any ranking. Although this camp did not push him to his fifth star, the rising senior has more than enough time to raise his ranking to a complete during his final high school season to an all-star quarterback.

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Jonah Lossiah
Jonah Lossiah


He could be the real deal. He has a lot of poise for being so young, and he is the perfect type of quarterback to step in after Sam Howell.