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Twitter Removes Eric Trump Tweet After North Carolina Basketball File Complaint

After filing a complaint, Twitter removes a doctored video by Eric Trump featuring a North Carolina basketball celebration.

If you're crying about the NBA boycotting, then using a basketball video to showcase your political party doesn't align with your values. Don't mix sports and politics when it's convenient for you.

This week has been crippling to the say the least with police brutality and the passing of legendary coaches, actors, and players; Leaving people emotionally drained. But it was one of North Carolina's most iconic videos used by the Trump administration that caused an uproar on Twitter. 

Eric Trump, the younger son of Donald Trump, posted the video of Roy Williams celebrating with his players in 2016 after defeating Duke at Cameron Indoor Stadium, 76-72. Trump replaced Williams' face with Trumps and inserting family members and Kanye West on the face of players. An uproar amongst former players is an understatement. 

In an immediate reaction, UNC's A.D. for Communications Steve Kirschner told News and Observer that the clip was used without North Carolina's permission. As a result, Twitter removed the video.

"First, our players, coaches, and staff support the Milwaukee Bucks' action to boycott yesterday's playoff game, which had the backing of the NBA and other professional athletes, teams, and leagues," Kirschner said in an emailed statement Thursday. "We are proud of Marvin Williams, Danny Green, Kenny Smith, and our other Tar Heel alumni who chose to take this important step against continued racial injustice. We are profoundly disappointed that political messaging would be made using video without permission that shows our players, coach, and uniforms from inside our team's locker room celebration."

In response to a tweet by Quierra Luck, A.D. of Creative Services, Josh Reavis was equally disappointed that the video he shot was used politically and stated that he's all needed to be done for it.

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"As the guy who shot it, if there's anything we could do, I'm all for it."

Just in case you wanted to see the true celebration, 

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