Visual Podcast: David Noel III Gives Up Excuses for UNC; Time to Turn the Season Around

Can North Carolina turn it around? Former Tar Heel David Noel says it's time to stop making mistakes and execute Carolina Basketball.
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 Welcome to Season 3:Episode 12 of 'The Player And The Fan' featuring David Noel III and Quierra Luck.They are excited to bring you an official podcast highlighting both, equally important, sporting elements, the player and the Fan. They will declare their viewpoints weekly, featuring various sporting topics and games around the ACC, specifically North Carolina. 

David and Quierra are happy to welcome you back with more hot topics, debates, and of course, featuring special guests.This year has been incredibly difficult for all of us. As we try and navigate our way through elections, racial injustice, and political division, the duo hopes to provide you with a short escape full of laughs, David's dramatic storytelling, and of course, analysis of the upcoming college basketball season.

In episode twelve, David is exhausted, and well, Quierra is still trying to look at the bright side (though it's becoming bleak). What else can Coach Williams and the staff do to uplift and produce a team that looks phenomenal on paper? What is missing? Where is the leadership? The questions for this young North Carolina seem daunting, but there has to be an answer somewhere; Fans, and noticeably the team, are starting to come up empty with excuses. Where does the blame fall? Who needs to be held accountable? All of these questions and more are brought up in the last podcast of the year.

Quierra and David also reflect on the incredible year the podcast had, and it's because of you! The duo cannot thank fans enough for their time, commentary, and sharing of "The Player and The Fan." This podcast was created between two friends who enjoy nothing more than talking sports and providing fans the answers they need about the sport they love.

Sit back, choose your side, and enjoy the dialogue! Make sure you let your voice be heard! Are you with The Player or The Fan?!