UNC Basketball: Remembering Kobe Bryant

Quierra Luck

There are no words to describe the empty feeling left behind with Kobe and Gianna Bryant's passing. It's more than just remembering two great basketball players; we're remembering a father, a daughter, sister, son, husband, and friend. Kobe and Gianna embodied all of those titles and wore them proudly, bringing light and laughter to anyone who crossed their paths. 

Today, was the day the world got to mourn with the Bryant family, publicly. Just a short couple of weeks ago, Kobe and Gigi were laid to rest with a private ceremony in California near the family's home. We received the chance to share those emotions with Vanessa as she opened up about how sweet Gianna was and the romantic side of Kobe. Details the public never knew, and Vanessa graciously let us all in her heart. It was a time for healing, crying and even laughter as the world remembered the NBA's greatest.

She didn't have to do this; mourn her loved ones twice, but she did, for fans. Her pain is unimaginable, losing a best friend and a daughter at once, but I hope she finds peace in knowing she won't have to go through this alone. We are all here for her for however long she needs. Kobe's light shines through so many of his family and friends, so he'll never fade. The smiles she sees in her daughter's faces will remind her of GiGi's; a smile she says is shared by Capri -who also bares Kobe's name. 

He was everyone's favorite mentality - 'Mamba Mentality.' The hustle, grind, tears, blood, and sweat are embedded in the dream. Work when you don't want to. Study when you're tired. Because that's the dream; the dream is the journey. Kids today see the 81 points but didn't see the 3 am wake-ups, or 4 am shoot-arounds; they saw the glory, trophies, and rings. Kobe made sure that if you wanted to be apart of his process, you understood all of it; not just the ending. The journey is what made him. 

UNC Basketball took to social media and shared their thoughts and memories about Kobe. In the video, Kenny Smith, Jr., Brandon Robinson, Garrison Brooks, and Cole Anthony described Kobe's legacy, his mentality, and words that will forever define him. 

Also, can you imagine an Antawn Jamison, Shammond Williams, Ed Cota, Vince Carter and Kobe Bryant UNC team? Coached by Dean Smith?! In his final season as head coach? They would've won the NCAA tourney. No question.

It's just a game. Make sure you're leaving something beyond high FGs and points. Your legacy is tied to everyone you meet. Make sure you leave them a story worth telling. 

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Eve B
Eve B

Beautifully Written.

No. 1-2

This was amazingly heartfelt & a meaningful depiction of 2 lives lost, but 2 legacies left behind. Thank you💛