UNC Scoring List Update: UNLV

Garrison Brooks moves up three lists
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Garrison Brooks (14 points, 1012 career) moved up two spots to 76th, passing Tom LaGarde and Bob Paxton. He also passed Jawad Williams and James Worthy into 36th on the rebounding list. He also tied Dudley Bradley for 89th on the assists list.

Armando Bacot (12 points, 332 career) moved up three spots to 193rd passing Donnie Walsh, Brian Bersticker and Ray Stanley. He also passed Harvey Salz and tied Jeff McInnis for 105th on the rebounding list. He tied Kevin Salvadori for 148th on the assists list.

Leaky Black didn’t move up the scoring list, but he passed Byron Sanders and David Chadwick, tying Donn Johnston for 127th on the rebounding list. He also passed Sean May and tied Deon Thompson for 99th on the assists list.

Andrew Platek (11 points, 243 career) moved up two spots to 221st passing Alex Stepheson and Dick Hartley. He passed Jackson Simmons and Justin Knox into 174th on the rebounding list. He passed Will Johnson and tied Jeff Denny for 57th on the three-pointers list

KJ Smith (1 point, 40 career) moved up two spots into a tie with Lenoir Chambers and Bill Choate at 390th.

Walker Miller (2 points, 36 total) moved up two spots, past Jim Frye, into a tie with John Morris for 401st. He tied Surry Wood and Donald Washington for 238th on the rebounding list.

Caleb Love (6 points, 23 total) moved up 21 spots to 434th, passing CJ Hooker, Justin Bohlander, Surry Wood and Timo Makkonen, among others. He moved up 16 spots on the assist list, tying David May and David Neal at 206th

Day’Ron Sharpe (1 point, 14 total) moved up six spots into a tie for 469th with Wade Moody and Snuffy Stirnweiss. He moved up 16 spots on the rebounding list, passing Gene Glancy and Michael Norwood and tying KJ Smith.

RJ Davis (16 points, 27 total) moved up 65 spots to 420th passing Ryan Sullivan and Jesse Holley and tying Patrick Moody. He moved up 36 spots on the rebounding list, to 282nd, tying Jack Wooten and Joe Everett. He also tied Orlando Melendez, Makhtar Ndiaye, Quentin Thomas, Shea rush and KJ Smith for 95th on the three-pointers list.

Walker Kessler (7 points, 13 total) moved up 51 spots to 476th passing John Greene, Webb Tyndall and Caleb Ellis. He moved up 36 spots on the rebounding list, to 282nd, tying Ricky Webb, Larry Smith and RJ Davis.

Kerwin Walton enters the list at 570th tied with John Cox and Puff Johnson.

The freshman class scored 33 points, giving it 83 points on the season, moving it past the class of 1976 (Dudley Bradley), 2016 (Luke Maye & Kenny Williams), 1992 (Donald Williams), 1985 (Ranzino Smith), 1979 (Jimmy Black) and 2004 (Reyshawn Terry).

It also logged 104 minutes of playing time, giving the freshmen 198 minutes on the year and moving them past the class of 1992, 1995 (Shammond Williams) and 1985.