UNC Goes Remote: All Undergraduate Class Go Virtual; Effective August 19

Quierra Luck

Chapel Hill, N.C.- University of North Carolina has announced that will be moving all instructional classes online effective Wednesday. 

In just one week into the start of the new year, North Carolina proved the inevitable, college kids are extremely difficult to monitor during a pandemic. Sadly, the university has not been able to prevent parties, enforce masks or anything remotely to North Carolina mandates and as a result, the school will be virtual. 

North Carolina chancellor Kevin M. Guskiewicz released a statement to the community stating that student health remains top priority and going virtual was not an easy decision. 

In just the past week (Aug. 10-16), we have seen COVID-19 positivity rate rise from 2.8% to 13.6% at Campus Health. As of this morning, we have tested 954 students and have 177 in isolation and 349 in quarantine, both on and off campus. So far, we have been fortunate that most students who have tested positive have demonstrated mild symptoms.

Given the number of positive cases, we are making two important changes to de-densify our campus.

Effective Wednesday, Aug. 19, all undergraduate in-person instruction will shift to remote learning. Courses in our graduate, professional and health affairs schools will continue to be taught as they are, or as directed by the schools. Academic advising and academic support services will be available online. Our research enterprise will remain unchanged.

“There are no easy answers as the nation navigates through the pandemic. At this point, we haven’t received any information that would lead to similar modifications at any of our other universities. Whether at Chapel Hill or another institution, students must continue to wear facial coverings and maintain social distancing, as their personal responsibility, particularly in off-campus settings, is critical to the success of this semester and to protect public health.”

While the decision may have been difficult, it was necessary. North Carolina has been trending on social media for the last week due to the hard work and diligence of student newspaper, The Daily Tar Heel; They've constantly held the university accountable. The Daily Tar Heel has done an incredible job being a source of constant news and updates for students, parents and those watching universities attempt to do what some professionals deemed impossible. 

The good news is that this possibly makes way for sports to continue for the season with less risk. With no students on campus the allure and temptation to partake in college activities decrease drastically. 

Updates via The Athletic's, Brendan Marks:

  • Student-athletes who are here studying and practicing" have the option to remain, if they so choose. Not being forced to, but can.
  • Guskiewicz re: potentially moving a fall athletics schedule to spring: "We have not gotten that far into the conversation with the ACC about what a spring schedule might look like."
  • Gusk on how this impacts UNC's reputation nationally and locally: "We have work to do. We have work to do to repair some of those relationships in town, for sure."
  • UNC says all fraternity/sorority houses had to work with UNC and Orange County on plans before the semester began in case of emergency. Will continue working with greek life organizations.

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Rough time for everyone, but rally hard times to navigate for students and student-athletes.